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Meet Your Match: The Perfect Hair Product for your Hair Type

In our last instalment of the Meet Your Match series, we’re setting you up with the perfect hair product for your hair type. Virtually every guy with enough hair for it to need styling has their go-to product, but rarely will they venture outside of old familiar territory. We’re not necessarily saying you should give up on your time-honoured favourite, but if you’re letting the opportunity to try new things pass you by, then there’s a high chance you could be doing better. Whether you have fine hair, coarse hair, or curly hair, we reckon these might just be you new favourite products.

Meet Your Match: The Perfect Hair Product for your Hair Type

Curly Hair: Baxter Of California Hard Cream Pomade

If you have curly hair, you don’t need us to tell you that it can be difficult to manage. Curly hair has a natural springiness, texture, and shape that can be a blessing for creating voluminous looks, but working against the hair’s natural tendency to grow in a certain direction can become a losing battle. What’s worse, sticky, high hold products will do little to help. Causing curly hair to clump together, high hold products will make matters worse the vast majority of the time.

Our recommended solution? A hair cream, particularly one with a paste-like feel that adds re-mouldable hold, can be used either to enhance or tame your hair’s natural texture and shape. And our favourite at the moment has to be the Baxter Of California Hard Cream Pomade.

Hair Creams in general are incredibly convenient products, and when it comes to convenience the Baxter Hard Cream Pomade is king. Balancing the fluidity and ease of application of a hair pomade with the lightness and dry finish of a wax, it’s non-sticky but imparts a light hold. What makes it so effective is its blend of natural oils with water soluble ingredients. When the product’s water content evaporates away, you’re left with a light, natural finish that will hold curly hair in place.

Coarse Hair: Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

Those whose hair is comprised of thicker individual strands are considered to have coarse hair. Coarse hair is usually thinner overall, produced from fewer, larger follicles. Chemical and heat treatment used excessively can cause also exacerbate or in some cases even be the primary cause of coarseness.

The problems usually faced by those with coarser hair include the appearance of dryness or lifelessness. It tends to have a natural springiness that allows for a natural volume and shape, as well as the appearance of thickness.

Due to this, hair creams, pomades, and other products using natural oils are commonly recommended to introduce the element of shine, which gives the impression of health and moisture. This is a good solution for many occasions, however these products typically have a low level hold and can appear greasy.

The Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay is a fantastic way to sidestep this problem. The product is fairly unique, in that it combines the slick application of a paste or cream, it ramps up the hold and imparts a matte finish. Able to breathe some life back into dry or damaged hair, but without compromising on the hold and shape it can create, this is a perfect product for those with coarser hair looking to try something a little more ambitious. Its cream-like texture when applied gives way to a strong hold, which will tame your hair and allow you to create the shape you desire, without causing clumping or greasiness.

Fine Hair: House 99 Change It Up Texturising Clay

Fine hair refers to hair with thin individual strands. Typically speaking, for those who aren’t experiencing hair loss, those with finer hair will have a large number of hairs, due to densely packed follicles. You can do a lot with fine hair, but it requires a little more love than other hair types in order to deliver results.

Fine hair commonly becomes shapeless, flat, or straggly. Those with fine hair should try to avoid products with a high oil content, or products with a high shine in general, as they drown the hair, giving it the appearance of thinness and exposing the scalp.

Sticky products, even those with a matte finish, can have undesirable effects for those with fine hair, especially when used in greater amounts. Causing the hair to clump together, high hold products can render the hair impossible to style. If you’ve ever applied too much of a wax or a dry clay and found you’ve had to wash it out and start over, then you’ll be familiar with this particular frustration.

The solution we propose? The House 99 Change It Up Texturising Clay is an outstanding hair product that combines a number of elements to make it the perfect answer to the problems common to fineness. Applying like a cream, it rapidly evaporates to impart transformative effects.

Adding genuine body and thickness to the hair, of the likes rarely seen elsewhere in the world of grooming, the clay sets quickly to leave a hold that is both firm and long lasting but completely matte. The result is a product that appears totally natural while actually enhancing the shape and fullness of your hair, that won’t disappoint you by losing its strength throughout the day.

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