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Discover the fragrance range from world-renowned designer Michael Kors here at Mankind.

Established in 1981, world-renowned award-winning designer Michael Kors began. Launching a full range of fragrances for both men and women, there are scents to suit every personality. From strong fragrances to subtle scents, there is sure to be a fragrance perfect for you. Housed in high-quality unique bottles, they make the perfect gift for someone special. 

Michael Kors Signature for Men Eau De Toilette

The Michael Kors Signature for Men Eau De Toilette is a luxury fragrance designed to represent the modern man. Rich and refined, it’s made for the handsome, sporty and sophisticated male. This masculine essence boasts fragrance of classic patchouli, tobacco smoke, soft suede, dried spices and bergamot. This strong fragrance is also available as an aftershave balm. 

Michael Kors Extreme Blue Eau De Toilette

The Michael Kors Extreme Blue Eau De Toilette is a sleek, sensual, fresh masculine fragrance. Opening with top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and cardamom before fading into heart and base notes of juniper, cypress, sesame, sage, Ambrox, musk and patchouli, it’s the ultimate invigorating scent. Perfect for summer. 

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