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Explore the range of men’s grooming tools available here at Mankind.

Top quality male grooming tools equals a top quality grooming routine. Our collection here at Mankind will ensure that you only achieve the very best results each and every time. From hairdryers and clippers to facial cleansing brushes and toothbrushes, we offer everything you need to keep your grooming routine up to date with the latest technology. Including brands such as Wahl, FOREO and BaByliss for Men, you’ll be sure that you’re receiving top of the range grooming tools from well-known brands. 

What Is the Best Cleansing Brush for Men?

For men with sensitive skin, the FOREO LUNA™ 2 for Men is the best cleansing brush. Designed with silicone bristles, it’s the most hygienic facial cleansing brush available, allowing you to cleanse your skin without it building up with bacteria. It’s also got variable intensity settings, ensuring that you can adjust it for a gentler, personalised cleanse. 

If you prefer a standard bristled brush and don’t suffer with sensitive skin, the Magnitone Clean Sweep for Men or the Clinique for Men Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush are great options. Complete with ergonomic handles for ease of use, they effectively unclog pores for a clearer, brighter complexion.

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