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Discover the very best in toothbrush technology with our range of toothbrushes from top brands including FOREO, Oral-B and more. Whether you’re a fan of the manual toothbrush or prefer an electronic brush, there is a toothbrush made perfectly for everyone. 

What Is the Best Toothbrush for Sensitive Gums?

The FOREO ISSA is the best toothbrush for sensitive gums. Made with gentle silicone bristles, this ultra-hygienic brush effectively removes plaque build-up. With charge lasting for up to 365 uses, you don’t have to worry about the battery draining mid-use. It even comes complete with a leather travel case so you can take it on business trips and holidays with complete peace of mind. 

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Best Toothbrushes

1.    Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush
2.    FOREO ISSA Toothbrush
3.    Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Toothbrush
4.    Sonic Chic Urban Electric Toothbrush
5.    Black Marvis Toothbrush

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