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Westlab Bath Salts at Mankind 

Westlab specialises in bathing and skincare products which containing natural body salts from the Dead Sea, Himalayan mountains, and around the world. This includes Epsom salts, which have been  a popular for soothing aching muscles for centuries .
Praised by Award-winning doctors and best-selling authors the Westlab range has also been popular with Olympians and specialists who regularly use the range for beauty benefits and fitness purposes. Magnesium contained with Epsom Salt plays a number of roles within the body and can help to reduce inflammation, alongside aiding muscle and nerve function, which makes it perfect for post-gym relaxation and recovery. Sulfates found within the salts also help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help to ease migraine headaches. Making a relaxing bath with Westlab Bath Salts not only a beneficial experience for your body but also for your mind, to help soothe stresses away and aid you workout recovery.

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