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Explore the range of self-tanning products from Sienna X here at Mankind. 

Starting off selling self-tanning cubicles, Sienna X soon became popular and launched their own range of self-tanning formulations. Boasting a large collection of awards, they offer non-streaky, natural looking self-tanning products to help you achieve the ultimate glow. 

How to Apply Sienna X Spray Tan

To apply the Sienna X Spray Tan, start by exfoliating the skin and applying moisturiser. This will ensure your tan doesn’t become patchy in dry areas. Apply the spray tan in light, even layers in a dry room to prevent moisture in the air from affecting the finish. Remember to spray the tan in a room which is easy to clean in case of any rogue spray. 

How to Remove Sienna X Spray Tan

If for some reason you need to remove your spray tan, it’s easier than you think. Use a physical body exfoliating scrub in a hot shower as this will remove the skin cells which contain the tan pigment. To fade it even more, you can also add a splash of lemon juice to speed up the process.

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