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Explore the range of luxurious home-ware and grooming products from Archipelago Botanicals here at Mankind.

The collection of Archipelago Botanicals is a luxurious range containing both home-ware and grooming products. Their ever growing collection of hand poured candles uses only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils. The premium wax blend contains more than 70% natural soy wax, allowing them to burn longer and cleaner than regular candles. They also offer an alternative to candles with their luxury, inspiring reed diffusers. These deliver fragrance to any room placed in for months to enhance the atmosphere every hour of the day by diffusing fragrant oils into the air.

Archipelago Botanicals grooming range use AHAs within their formulations for soft and smooth skin. Designed to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells with acid, they reveal a fresh, healthy layer of skin and are gentle enough to use every day. They are housed in the brand’s iconic, appealing packaging and are fragranced with a bergamot and tobacco scent. 

Reed Diffuser Benefits

Not only do reed diffusers add scent to a room with the essential oils in the bottle, they also use aromatherapy to provide therapeutic benefits. Each reed diffuser fragrance has been created to provide different benefits, from calming ones which help to aid sleep to refreshing and invigorating ones, there is a reed diffuser for everyone. They are also a great alternative to candles for when it’s unsafe to burn a candle such as when you are going to sleep. They aren’t a fire risk and deliver fragrance for months, all day, and every day. 

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