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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for a Spring Clean

Healthy Lifestyle

Spring has well and truly sprung here at and there’s no better time to make those healthy lifestyle changes that will see you into a fit and balanced summer.

Yes, we all know that January 1st is the traditional time to start making lifestyle switches, and don’t worry if you’ve fallen slightly off the wagon; there’s still plenty of time to hop right back on! A late calendar date is no excuse to push aside your healthy lifestyle goals – as the seasons change, you can change with them.

How to get healthy hair at home


If you’re looking for a natural approach to hair care to go with your favourite Mankind hair treatments, but you don’t want to compromise on looks, then you might be interested in some of these home remedies for how to get healthy hair. A few of them are well known and have been used for centuries, but others will be new to you. But the big advantage of all of them? You’ll be using natural ingredients rather than man-made chemicals, and they’re a cost-effective way to look after your hair when you temporarily run out of your go-to Mankind hair products!