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Unusual Holidays for Summer 2015


Are you as tired of the standard summer holiday destinations as we are? Sure, Kavos is a cheap and cheerful way to get your rocks off, but here at Mankind we think that 2015 is the year to try something different.

Everyone has their individual interests when it comes to booking a getaway, so we’ve pinned down some of the most unusual holidays and intriguing destinations to cover all sorts of different tastes. No matter whether you’re buzzing to get boozing or seeking out some adventure, there’s a destination out there to satisfy your cravings.

An Afternoon with Murdock London


Recently some of our Mankind men visited the renowned Murdock London salon for a couple of critical treatments ahead of a very important day. With pre-wedding nerves starting to set in, this groom and best man duo knew that if any salon was going to get them looking ship shape and styled for the big event, it would be the Murdock London salon.

Nestled within a narrow backstreet in Shoreditch, the salon is instantly recognisable for its distinctive striped canopy and bold blue shop front. As soon as the guys were greeted in from the dreary April showers by the fine fragrances of signature Murdock cologne and grooming products, they knew that they were in safe hands. With a natural wooden undertone running throughout the room, the salon brings the fresh and free-spirited feel of the great outdoors to the cosy Shoreditch shop floor.

Memorable Men from the Met Gala 2015

Met Gala

Monday night saw all of the stars out shining bright – and we’re not talking astronomy here. No, we’re talking about the Met Gala 2015 hosted in the mighty NYC, and this year the men turned out in full force sporting some seriously impressive outfits for the occasion.

An annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the theme this year was China: Through the Looking Glass, and although some stuck to the theme whilst overs diverged, all made their own individual mark on the red carpet. Here at Mankind we’ve picked out some of the most memorable men from the Met Gala 2015 for a bit of spring style inspiration, so guys, get ready to take notes…

Top 5 Alternative Summer Songs

Summer Essentials

Sun’s out; guns out! Or maybe that should be sun’s out; Spotify out, as there’s nothing like a warm, sunny day to get us in the mood for listening to new songs and old classics. Whether you want to secure your soundtrack to the upcoming summer or you’re yearning to rediscover some old favourites, there’s just something about this warm weather that makes us want to turn up the speakers. So, no matter if you’re relaxing with mates firing up the BBQ or gearing up for a big night out – check out Mankind’s Top 5 Alternative Summer Songs to get you in the mood.

Get the Ultimate Male Grooming Kit with the Mankind Box

Mankind Grooming Box

I bet it feels like only yesterday that we you were tearing open your first Mankind Grooming Box, eager to try out the treats inside. Well good news, folks! The box is back and it means business, packed full of male grooming products that will keep you looking fresh and styled at all times. Even if you didn’t manage to pick one up last time, now’s your chance to get in on the action. But be quick – this limited edition grooming box won’t stick around for too long!