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MK Playlist: Superhero Songs

MK Playlist Superhero Songs

So far this May, we’ve past Batman Day and Star Wars Day and as this month is geek themed, the only appropriate MK Playlist we could do is based on superhero songs! As novelty as some of them may be, we can’t help but enjoy these bangin’ beats from our back pockets here at Mankind. Pop your headphones in and blast these tunes to keep you feeling like a superhero! 

Star Wars Day


‘May the fourth be with you.’ There’s no doubt you’ll hear somebody say this phrase at some point today as everyone (including us) delves into our geek sides and celebrate everything Star Wars. If you’re looking for some cheeky inspiration to celebrate Star Wars Day then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Mankind we’ve provided a list of our top celebration tips to make the most of 4th May. Whether you want to go all out or just fit a little celebration into your busy schedule, we’ve got ideas for everybody’s Star Wars needs!  May the force be with you…

Top 10 Geek Gadgets: May 2016


This April we decided to embrace our inner geeks here at Mankind. From fancy portable phone chargers to back to the future dreams becoming reality, we got super excited by all the latest geek gadgets available in 2016. Check out some of the coolest things that money can buy below and you may find the perfect gadget to treat yo’ self! Bonus – if you have a birthday coming up, you can send family and friends a link to this blog post *hint hint*.

Top Time Management Tips


One thing which we all know we could do better at is time management. Whether it be to go out and do the shopping, keep up to date with tasks at work or stay on top of home tasks, sometimes it seems too difficult to manage. To help you out, here at Mankind we’ve provided you a list of our top time management tips to keep you from straying behind and then experiencing a lot of unnecessary stress attempting to catch up. Read on to find out more…

Batman Day Celebration


Even though May Day is being celebrated by most people today, for us it’s all about Batman Day! Today marks the 77th year of existence for Batman since his very first appearance in the 27th published Detective Comics. If it weren’t for DC Comics, we would never have had the luxury to be introduced to The Dark Knight and that is a world we do not want to imagine *shudder*. Here at Mankind, we want to show our appreciation for one of our favourite superheroes by celebrating Batman Day and if you’re a fan, read on to find out how you can too.