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Woman of the Week | Beyonce



A surprise appearance at this years Coachella with sister Solange and announcing her up coming world wide mega tour with husband Jay Z, this week has been a whirl wind for Beyonce but we guess what week isnt? She is our woman of the week, heck she’s our woman of the year!

Top 5 Male Concealers

There’s no shame in it – us men have blemishes and imperfections too. From dark circles from too many late nights, to unsightly shaving rashes caused by doing it in a rush, there’s always something on our skin that we could improve, make better and even conceal. And while it may not be as common for us to talk about covering these imperfections up with male make-up, there are plenty of us that do. Who doesn’t want to give the illusion of having perfect skin? We certainly do, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top 5 concealers available on – let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of them!


Murad Blemish Treatment Concealer

5. Murad Blemish Treatment Concealer

Available in both light and medium, the Murad Blemish Concealer is an oil-free cosmetic that provides long lasting coverage. Great for covering up breakouts, this concealer not only makes your skin look good, but it also softens and smooths it, making it feel good as well.





Recipe For Men Concealer

4. Recipe For Men Concealer

A creamy and caring concealer, this Recipe For Men stick is available in light, medium and dark and is great for covering dark circles. Also helping to eliminate bags and puffiness, this concealer is great for covering small rashes and pimples too, making it a good all-rounder.





Dr Lewinn's Skin Perfect Concealer
3. Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Concealer

With a super smooth and creamy formula that glides onto skin effortlessly, this Dr Lewinn’s concealer allows for buildable coverage and is especially suited to covering dark circles. A multi-tasking concealer that also boosts collagen, this particular one also helps to renew your skin and enhance radiance.






2. Nip And Fab CC Eye FixNip And Fab CC Eye Fix

A truly innovative concealer, this Nip And Fab CC Eye corrector is designed to help with colour control as well as working to hydrate your skin. With a brightening finish that looks totally natural, this lightweight complexion corrector conceals dark circles whilst moisturising the delicate under eye area.






Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick



1. Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick

Water resistant and dermatologist approved, this clever camouflage stick is undetectable once blended and effectively covers most skin imperfections. Really good for under-eye bags and originall developed in the US for actors and TV presenters, this concealer is available in light, medium and bronze.




So that’s it for our favourite male concealers – have you ever worn male make-up? What do you recommend?



Brand focus: Men Rock

Whether you’re a total beard convert, prefer to be totally smooth or just like a sprinkling of stubble, men’s facial hair is a hot topic right now and it’s never been more important to make sure you’re using the right products for you. One such brand, that is available on Mankind with free delivery options, is Men Rock; a traditional yet modern grooming brand that is taking the shaving market by storm.

A brand that allows you to make your own decisions, the entire Men Rock range takes inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street, one of London’s most historic and fashionable districts. With an impressive collection that includes everything from the tools needed for a perfect shave, to the ultimate in aftercare and beard care, we’ve rounded up our pick of the bunch which should go some way in helping you decide which product is for you.

Men Rock Beard Oil - Blues


Men Rock Beard Oil – Various scents

Intended to act like a light cologne as well as a beard softener, the Men Rock Beard Oil is suitable for all skin types and is formulated with natural ingredients, including vitamin E, which help to nourish the beard and moisturise the skin beneath it.






Men Rock The Cut Throat Shavette
Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette

Designed to work just like a straight razor, but with interchangeable, double-edged blades that eliminate the need for honing, the Cut Throat Shavette also has half a standard safety blade that is held firm on closing, allowing for a super-close, barber shop quality shave.







Men Rock The Beard Soap


Men Rock Beard Soap

An essential for anyone sporting long facial hair, the Men Rock Beard Soap helps to completely clean all the dead skin and food your beard collects during the day, as well as removing any stubborn styling products that may be left behind too.








Men Rock The Just Like Badger Brush
Men Rock The Just Like Badger Brush

Easy to control and helping to aid a close, comfortable and smooth shave, the Just Like Badger Brush from Men Rock works up a rich lather when used with shaving cream and is a more affordable, but equally as effective, version of the traditional badger brush.






Men Rock Oak Moss Shave Cream


Men Rock Oak Moss Shave Cream

Helping to create a super close shave, the Men Rock Oak Moss Shave Cream will enhance your wet shaving experience and help to demolish any tough stubble. We also love the rich oak scent of it, which includes a hint of black pepper for added masculinity.






So what do you think of the Men Rock range? Don’t forget you can shop the full collection on Mankind!

How To Be A Well Groomed Traveller | Travel Essentials at Mankind

Travel Essentials Mankind

We all know how packing for a big trip can seem daunting at first and it will most likely be put off until the very last minute (if you’re like the rest of us?) but with our travel essentials survival kit, it no longer has to be so scary.

No matter where you are going, packing wisely (and light) is the key to a successful travel grooming kit, don’t overcomplicate things by packing every single grooming product that you ‘think‘ you may possibly need, just in case of that mud face mask emergency!… Keep it simple! Pack your basics and know what works for you, if in doubt and you feel that an intensive cooling eye rejuvenating mask is a must, then pack it in handy travel sizes, to leave room for key essentials.

Travel Survival Guide

The Essentials List

1- Marvis Toothbrush £3.95

You may be surprised but this is one of the most forgotten travel essentials out of any other product. The morning before your trip, its often the one that gets left in the bathroom however pack this handy and stylishly chic Marvis toothbrush to save any embarrassing garlic moments before a big date or meeting.


Keep a dedicated travel wash bag to one side for all last minute travel plans with this Marvis brush inside to save yourself from any forgetfulness.

2 – Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste Triple Pack £16.50

This Marvis triple pack is enough to keep you minty fresh, trip after trip whilst the stylish packaging will sit enviably on your hotel’s sink. The beauty of Marvis toothpaste is their iconic Italian beginnings and not to mention the amazing range of flavours from Ginger to Liquorice that Marvis travel the world to find. It only seems right then for any stylish traveller to have this in their holdall.

3 – Tweezerman Tweezers £20.95

If Tom Ford considers these a must have item for any stylish guy then how could we disagree? There’s a common misconception amongst the male population that tweezers are for girls and girls only. If you hold this opinion then throw it away and embrace the tweezer phenomenon. Investing in a pair of tweezers does not mean your Saturday mornings are to be spent painting your girlfriends nails and discussing this weeks MIC but it does mean those stray hairs will be kept at bay and any potential mono-brow moments will be avoidable.

These tweezers from Tweezerman have been awarded the Best Beauty Buy by InStyle and have been loved by celebrities and make-up artists for over 25 years. If you are a tweezer trainee then these are perfect, with hand finished tips, perfectly aligned to grab every hair, it wont take a degree to know how to use them.

4 – Jack Black Jet Set Traveller £28.00

The Jack Black Jet Set Traveller bundle does all the work for you. It comes with a 2-in-1 facial cleanser and toner, a supreme shaving cream and a double duty face moisturiser. The cleanser and shaving cream both come in generous 88ml size travel compacts with a smaller moisturiser that will last you multiple trips.

5 – Headblade Travel Shell £12.95

To maintain that perfect shave whether you’re big on the beards or a clean shaven smoothy make sure you pack the Braun Pocket Go Shaver, its small enough to fit in your case but powerful enough to give you that clean shave in an instant. For those who want to keep their barnet in check whilst away, do not fret, the Headblade Travel Shell and Scalp Razor will do the trick! This is neat enough to keep your hair trimmed but without taking up the valuable room in your suitcase.

6 – 6630 Night Cycle £15.30

Whether you’re on a business trip or a well deserved weekend break, travelling can take its toll on your skin, long flights and polluted cities mean that your skin ends up craving a moisture surge. This intense night cream by 6630 does all the work for you by regenerating, repairing and revitalising your skin whilst you sleep to leave you with a youthful complexion the next morning.

Tom Fords Every Man Should Have

So whether you’re heading to Coachella this weekend or you’re simply being called on yet another business trip, make sure to pack these travel essentials and make your grooming routine as simple as possible to leave more time for the fun stuff.

Woman of the Week | Louise Roe

Woman of the Week Louise Roe


Most likely admired by every girlfriend around the world for her incredible style, Louise Roe is our Woman of the Week as she manages to pair sex appeal with class in an effortless, girl next door kind of way. Give us more of that any day….