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It’s all about Antipodes!

Major anti-ageing, beauty brand Antipodes has landed at Mankind (all the way from New Zealand!), and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Remember guys, wrinkles aren’t just reserved for the ladies, unfortunately, our ageing skin is partial to the odd crow’s feet here and there, so it’s great that there’s products out there that help turn back the hands of time. What’s better about Antipodes, which describes itself as a scientific, organic beauty brand, is that it only uses ingredients formulated directly from nature.

Top 3 Big Eats in the City | Glasgow

We just bagged ourselves a tenner. We knew you’d be back.

If you’re feeling hungry then you’re definitely in the right place. And if you’re not, then you soon will be. With the Commonwealth games round the corner, we thought it’d be cool to dedicate this week’s tasty offerings to bonny Scotland; Glasgow to be precise. So if you’re planning a cheeky trip up North to check out the games, be sure to sample their local grub (and beer) whilst you’re there.

Glasgow, show us what you’ve got.

Woman of the Week | Zooey Deschanel


There aren’t many girls who can sing, act, write songs AND pull off that fringe all at the same time, but without a doubt, Zooey Deschanel is one of them. We must admit, we’re slightly intimidated by her plethora of talents here at Mankind, but hey, we like a challenge! With her very own indie folk band ‘She & Him’, a lead role in TV hit ‘New Girl’ and a ridiculously, ridiculously cute and quirky persona (we love you Jess!) Zooey is the perfect girl to take home to meet the parents; funny, cute, intelligent and always in a pretty dress (see, we do notice). And yes, she has a sister.

Mankind | Going shopping

Do you ever get that feeling, half way through the year, that your whole life would really benefit from a shopping trip? Certain grooming products running out, clothes looking a bit worse for wear or new technology that we really want need entering our lives. Yep, we’re definitely going to view July as a month worthy of treating ourselves, so here’s what’s currently on our shopping list (all available with free delivery on Mankind!)

Mankind Shopping List Free delivery

Top 3 Big Eats in the City – Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham; a multi-cultural hive of great people, great culture and most importantly, great food. This week, Mankind took to the heart of England to find you hungry lot some foodie faves, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Just when you thought your weekend couldn’t get any better, we present you with: FOOD.