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Stand-out styles at the Brits 2015

Was anyone else gob-smacked watching the Brits 2015? No, I’m not talking about the queen of pop taking a royal tumble (that’s gotta hurt), I’m talking about some of the seriously superb outfits and stylish looks that the men of the music industry rocked on Wednesday night.

With the Oscars after-party after-effects still fresh and the Brits celebrations still ongoing (anyone for a quiet one this weekend?), the past few days have certainly given us a lot of reasons to celebrate not only the world of entertainment, but also the growing realm of men’s style.

The Oscars 2015: 5 Stlyle Idols

If there’s ever a night to take some serious style inspiration, its the Oscars. Yes, the girls sure look great in their fancy frocks, but behind every glamorous woman on the red carpet is a dapper gent ready to strike a pose for the paparazzi. These guys spend their lives in the spotlight and are in a habit of always looking on point, so you can trust their taste when it comes to looking sharp. So without further ado, the nominations for our ultimate Style Idol from the Oscars 2015 are…

February festivals around the world

World map

It’s easy to think of February as a dull and dreary month, with the Christmas festivities a distant memory and the full force of winter all too familiar. However, a spin of a desktop globe will show us just how many festivals around the world there are in February, with dozens of different traditions to be celebrated.

Fifty Shades of Grey at


Okay then, let’s make it five shades of grey.

In honour of the most hotly anticipated film of the year, we’ve chosen five of our favourite pieces from that will help you to feel Fifty Shades of Grey. With a range of different styles, patterns and garments available, you’ll be hitting fifty shades before you know it.

Bring in the weekend with healthy hair and serious style


Oh yes, the weekend is so close we can almost touch it! But just because you don’t have to leave the house once Friday night hits, that doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of your hair!

Sure, the bed head look can even go down a storm on your weekend outing, but all of your (little or no) effort will be for nothing if your hair isn’t looking nice and healthy at the same time.