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Transitional Skincare: Your Autumn Male Grooming Kit

autumn male grooming

With the weather continuing to be as erratic as ever, but with even more rain, wind and cold thrown in to the mix, it’s time to think about switching up your regular grooming kit to suit. During summer months it’s all about SPF protection and don’t get us wrong – during the colder months SPF is still important to keep skin healthy. Another factor you need to take in to account is the dryness your skin can suffer from with the addition of central heating and changes of temperature in the mix.

Mankind Playlist: Alternative Halloween

halloween playlist

For the latest Mankind Playlist it’s all getting a bit spook-tacular! With Halloween almost upon us, it’s time to cast business mode aside and make way for the one time of the year where you can just, well, relax. For the latest edition of aural delights from Mankind, we’re going down the alternative route for our Halloween Playlist. From the all the cheese to songs that please, have a listen and make the most of scaring season!

Unlikely Style Icon: Bill Murray

bill murray

When it comes to style icons for men, the media always seem to lean towards the standard list of faces – Leo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling and David Beckham usually coming in to the top spots, followed by a few other celebrities in the spotlight at any given time. But style icons aren’t always that obvious are they? Sometimes you have to look closer at the details to find components which will make an outfit complete.

Concealer for Men: Your New Secret Weapon

concealer for men

Whenever ‘Men’ and ‘Make Up’ are mentioned in the same sentence, our minds instantly have visions of Joey from Friends in that infamous episode where he’s promoting ‘Ichiban – lipstick for men’…. But make up for men doesn’t have to be ridiculous, or even noticeable. We all need a helping hand sometimes to look a little fresher for the day ahead and there’s nothing wrong with a dab of a little something-something here and there to give your complexion a much needed boost.

Brand of the Month: Elemis for Men

elemis for men

Mankind HQ are pleased to welcome Elemis for Men as their brand of the month for September. We may be mid-way through the month, but it’s never too late to showcase your new favourite skincare brand. The Elemis for Men collection features a range of skin care which has been designed and tested specifically for the needs of male skin. Supporting every aspect of a male grooming regime, from cleansing through to post shave care, utilising the best in ingredients and expert dermatological knowledge; Elemis provide products which will instantly boost and hydrate most male skin types.