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Elemis for Men

Elemis bring the luxury of their world-leading spas to your own home. Elemis’ winning combination of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to create skin care for men that delivers outstanding results. Intertwining the benefits of natural and scientific ingredients, Elemis is perfecting the world of skin care with constant innovation and advances in the world of dermatology.

As a leading luxury British spa and skin care brand, Elemis have built a reputation for formulas that deliver quality, high performing results for your body and skin. An award winning brand that work hard to develop a line of skin care that works for all skin care including anti-aging and sensitive skin with multi-active ingredients that solidify the depth and reliability of every product.

Featuring a diverse, premium range of moisturisers, cleansers, toners and special treatments like serums, gels and eye creams that target specific skin ailments that may dismay your confidence.

Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream

If you're looking for a cream that will help protect you against the daily damage that the environment does to your skin, look no further than the Elemis S.OS Emergency Cream. It works to restore your skin's natural balance and protect it from stress, hormones and irritation. Blended with a mix of Willow, Amino Acids, Myrhh and Lavender, this emergency cream will leave your skin feeling and looking better than it ever has before.

Elemis Skin Buff

A proven exfoliator, the Elemis Skin Buff is suitable for all skin types and works to re-energise tired, dull and lifeless skin. Blended with deep cleansing Phytoplankton, Shea Butter and Beeswax, skin remains moisturised and hydrated. The exfoliating granules also work to slough away the dead skin cells, leaving a brighter complexion and better ability for your skin to breathe. A combination of Laurel, Hops and soothing Chamomile extracts calm and enrich your skin to rejuvenate.

You can shop the full Elemis range here at Mankind.