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Toners are the perfect way to brighten and tighten your complexion. Refining pores and evening skin tone to reduce shine and leave skin looking brighter. Featuring premium skin care from Decleor, Anthony Logistics and Elemis.

For most of us, a toner may be an alien object to our existence. With many of us opting for a simple skin care routine that involves a face wash and moisturiser, many of us are left pondering why our skin looks bumpy and oily. Introducing a Toner into your skin care regime will not only give you desired results, but will get you them quickly. Using potent formulas that refine your pores whilst stripping your skin of excess oil, a good Toner will also provide your skin with another level of moisture and cleansing that comes with a good skin care routine.

Using lavender, ginseng and apricot you can find a range of Toners derived from both natural and scientifically developed sources, all working towards brightening, refining and evening out your complexion.

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