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Lock Stock & Barrel promise high performance hair care that can be depended on for creating styles expressing individuality and flair. Their men’s hair products are specialised for different hair types and styles to ensure they work well with your hair. The brand was first founded in London in 2006, and since then, Brand Director Mark Snowdon and his team have created a professional hair care line designed specifically for the 'modern gentleman'.

Recharge Conditioning Hair Wash

Specifically for men with unruly, thick, dry or frizzy hair, the Recharge Conditioning Hair Wash is enriched with natural polymers and powerful humectants, which work to trap and retain moisture deep within the hair shaft whilst conditioning each hair strand. Working to give you moisture and more manageable hair, complete with a healthy sheen, this conditioning hair wash gives you great styling control.

Preptonic Thickening Tonic

If you're looking to build strength, volume and thickness, while still giving your style a versatile hold and natural finish, the Preptonic Thickening Tonic is a must-have. The tonic leaves a light, masculine fragrance on the hair and contains a unique blend of protein for optimum strength, whilst adding volume will be added from root to tip.

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