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What to wear for the races: be race day ready with Burton Menswear

If you're stuck for what to wear at the races this year, look no further than Burton Menswear. We've teamed up with Burton to produce the style guide you need.

2018-04-07 09:00:47By Burton Menswear

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Why grow a beard? 10 awesome reasons why you should

If you suffer from beard-curiosity, these 10 awesome reasons to grow a beard, from guest contributor and beard blogger Niall Sullivan, might just give you the inspiration you need to take the plunge. Read more and find out!

2018-04-04 12:00:15By Niall Sullivan

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9 Common Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mankind welcomes Guest Blogger and Beard Care Expert Niall Sullivan to take us through 9 Common Beard Mistakes you must avoid.

2018-01-21 09:00:16By Niall Sullivan

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Shoes for Enduring the Winter with All Sole

The key to staving off the cold and rain is a pair of enduring yet stylish winter boots and high-quality outerwear. However, it will be your choice of footwear that will form the cornerstone of your winter wardrobe. With that in mind, AllSole offers a guide to being dressed up and well-dressed as the wind, rain and snow becomes a familiar setting for another year.

2016-12-19 09:00:54By AllSole

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The Gentleman's Grooming Show

There is a changing tide in the skincare and cosmetics industry, one that is seeing more and more focus being placed on male grooming. There has been a huge shift from the days when men settled for little more than soap and water to today’s modern gentlemen who takes great pride in his appearance.

2016-11-23 13:45:55By The Gentleman's Grooming Show

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Steps to a Clearer Complexion with Bulldog

Do you struggle to keep a clear complexion and suffer with spots and other issues? Have you tried several different methods to sort it out but had no luck?

2016-04-26 07:00:50By Bulldog Skincare for Men

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Post Workout Male Skin Care Saviours with FIT Skincare

March is a month for all things sport! Not just here at Mankind either. We are also seeing the whole of the UK get in to the sporting spirit with the fundraising events being held in aid of Sport Relief.

2016-03-15 10:30:04By FIT Skincare

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The Best Skin Care Routine After Exercise with Menage

Although you may feel great after going for a run or lifting weights, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Having a bad skincare routine when exercising can lead to clogged pores, unwanted spots, blackheads or even dry and itchy skin.

2016-03-07 18:19:47By Menage

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5 Key Fashion Pieces to Refresh Your Wardrobe

With January behind you and spring on its way, it’s almost time to pack away those heavy winter coats and tweak your style to suit the warmer weather. Now we’re not talking a complete overhaul here.

2016-02-19 08:00:13By Burton

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An Award Winning Shave in 10 Steps with men-ü

The Oscars 2016 are nearly here! If you’re looking for your red carpet look this season, then you might want to steer more towards a clean shaven Matt Damon vibe, over Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

2016-02-17 08:30:25By Men-U