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Shop the range of innovative electrical grooming products from Philips here at Mankind.

Founded in 1891, Philips are the leading health and technology company offering innovative solutions to a range of problems in different sectors across the globe. Their range of electrical male grooming products includes electrical razors, shavers, toothbrushes and more, helping you to take charge of your grooming routine. Using the latest technology, each product will make your routine just that little bit easier so you can enjoy a healthy smile, neat facial hair and everything else in-between. 

What Sonicare Toothbrush Should I Buy?

Everyone should have an electric toothbrush as they have been clinically proven to do a better job at removing plaque and preventing gingivitis. However, it can be difficult to choose the perfect toothbrush for you. There is a whole range of Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and this is how to choose:

Philips CleanCare+ is best for those who sometimes forget to brush and often have a lot of plaque build-up. This brush removes 3x more plaque, ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and clean after each and every brush.

Philips HealthyWhite+ is best for those who consume a lot of tea, coffee, red wine and other staining foods and drinks. This is because it removes stains more effectively than other brushes for a whiter smile.

Philips FlexCare+ is best for those who eat a lot of sugary foods. This is because this toothbrush offers superior cleaning between the teeth, removing build up similar to how flossing would work. It also has a UV brush head sanitizer.

Philips FlexCare Premium is best for those who have sensitive or bleeding gums and need to be more gentle with brushing. This toothbrush deeply cleanses, yet remains gentle to prevent receding gums and features a pressure sensor to warn you against brushing too hard.

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