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AntiGravity Yoga: Why You Should Try It

Trying something new to improve yourself is always a good choice. However, it can be difficult to settle on which activity you want to try. Of course there are the obvious ones like football, running and swimming, but things like yoga are often overlooked. There are several different types of yoga and here at Mankind, AntiGravity yoga is becoming our favourite. Not only does it have so many health benefits, it’s also really fun to do.

What is AntiGravity Yoga?

AntiGravity yoga is similar to traditional yoga, except it’s in the air. What more could you want? Each pose is elevated using a circus silk sling to hold you up. It’s suspended around 3 feet off the ground and bolted to the ceiling, capable of supporting 1000lb. You can adapt the poses with the help of your teacher to suit you, yet you won’t miss out on any of the health perks. Speaking of which, what are they?

AntiGravity Yoga Benefits

It Relieves Aches and Pains

Generally, traditional yoga can put quite a lot of strain on the neck and back. With AntiGravity yoga, the elevation from the ground allows poses to be performed better. This is particularly useful for people who suffer with back problems as the upside down poses help to decompress and lengthen the spine. If you sit at your desk all day, this is definitely a benefit you’ll find useful.

It Improves Your Physical Health

When practising AntiGravity yoga, it’s a total body workout. On top of increasing strength and flexibility, it also improves balance and circulation over time.  By decompressing joints, posture is naturally corrected, all whilst aiding weight loss.

It Improves Your Mental Health Too…

Not only does AntiGravity yoga improve your physical health, it improves your mental health too. It’s great for stress relief and relaxation due to its ability to increase endorphin levels. Further practice also aids the development of focus and concentration, which is an extremely useful skill in other aspects of life.

Tips for AntiGravity Yoga Classes

If you’ve decided to try out an AntiGravity yoga class,here are a few tips to help it run smoothly. Firstly, remember to pick comfortable clothing which is easy to move in. Just make sure to avoid anything too loose as excess fabric can get in the way. Before the class, drink plenty of water and have a light meal to keep you energised and hydrated. Finally, don’t use hand lotion before the class, you need to be able to grip onto the fabric to hold yourself up. Instead, keep your hand cream in your gym bag and apply it afterwards.

Speaking of hand cream, you might want to moisturise your hands after an AntiGravity yoga class. It can be a bit strenuous on your hands, so here’s some of our favourites:

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