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Introducing: The House 99 range

If you’ve not already read our introductory article, then you can find out a little more about the story of House 99. But in summary, House 99 is a new male grooming range, founded by David Beckham, with the central aim of becoming a brand around which a community of like-minded men can form. Designed to meet all the grooming needs of the modern man, in this article, we get to know the House 99 range in more detail.

Face & Body Care

The House 99 range of Face & Body Care is an innovative selection of daily essentials, covering every cornerstone product of a grooming routine. The Polish Up Body & Hair Wash goes above and beyond a typical shower gel, moisturising and nourishing while cleansing with its Coco Betain rich formulation. Stimulating and cooling the muscles, we’re certain you’ll love it.

The Purefectly Clean Face Wash is a similarly effective refreshing daily cleanser, while the Greater Look Face Moisturizer  is another subtle hybrid product, which treats blemishes with Salicylic Acid while moisturising, making it perfect for those with oily skin.

The Truly Brighter Eye Balm makes use of Caffeine and Mica to revitalise, refresh, and boost the skin around the eyes, treating crows feet and deeply moisturising. But the standout product from the range is the Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturising Cream with SPF 50. This body moisturiser not only nourishes and replenishes dry skin of the body, but works to make the colour of tattoos bolder and more vibrant, as well as protecting tattoo ink from UV damage. As a tattoo lover himself, developing a product which effectively met the needs of tattooed men was a crucial project for David Beckham, and the results are incredible.

Beard & Shaving

The Neat Cut Shaving Cream and Sharp Cut Shaving Stick are an unbeatable shaving duo. The Shaving Stick acts much like a shaving brush – when applying, it raises the beard hair from the face while conditioning it, perfectly preparing it for shaving, and meaning razor rash is avoided. The Neat Cut Shaving Cream is the ideal accompaniment to this, softening hair and skin and allowing for an exceptionally smooth shave.

For those who are inclined to keep hold of their facial hair, however, each of House 99selection of beard grooming products is a must-have in its own right. The Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm is the ideal solution for those with medium to long beard hair that struggle to create their desired shape when styling their beard. The Softer Touch Beard Oil moisturises and conditions beard hair and the skin underneath, making it perfect as a pre-shave treatment as well as ideal for daily wear, combating itchiness and discomfort. The Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub, like the House 99 Skin range is enriched with nourishing Spirulina & Quinoa, but is specifically designed to buff and cleanse the beard and skin underneath it, either for before shaving or to ensure your beard is in optimal health.

Hair & Styling

The House 99 hair styling selection has everything you need to create the look you need. The Smooth Back Shaping Pomade is apt to create all the slicked back looks you need, without drowning out your hair’s natural qualities, adding bounce, lift and fullness. The Going Strong Styling Gel is a firm-setting styling gel which offers fantastic hold, while the Change It Up Texturizing Clay is a flexible and remouldable matte clay which resists sweat and humidity while offering a natural finish.

And finally, David Beckham’s haircare products, The Going Big Thickening Daily Shampoo, and Twice As Smart Shampoo & Conditioner are fantastic additions to any man’s routine. Formulated with your ideal scalp health in mind, you’ll soon find yourself converted followers of House 99 haircare.

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