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The Ultimate Weatherproof Grooming Guide

Autumn and winter weather can wreak havoc on your style in seconds due to wind, rain and low temperatures. However, when you use the right products, it can prevent your skin and hair from becoming ruined in an instant. Discover the ultimate weatherproof grooming guide below with all of our top essentials to remain looking fresh.

The Weatherproof Grooming Essentials


Throughout the warmer months, you can just throw in some light product and your hair usually stays put. Yet when it cools down for the year, strands tend to go through a lot. This usually results in frizzy, dry and out of control hair no matter how well styled it was before you left the house. To tame your hair, use a deeply-penetrating conditioner a few times a week to maintain moisture. Ensure it keeps its shape with a high-hold hair styling product and you’re good to go.

Facial Hair

If you have facial hair, in winter it needs to be protected just like the hair on your head. To maintain moisture, apply a nourishing beard oil both morning and night. This will prevent it from appearing unhealthy and unkempt. For those with longer facial hair, make sure to use a beard brush and untangle any knots as often as you can, especially after being out and about in the wind.


One of the worst effects of cold weather on the skin is the dryness. A combination of external factors causes the moisture in your skin to evaporate, making it tight, dry and dehydrated. Create a barrier between your skin and the aggressors by using a creamy moisturiser and use a thick, buttery balm on your lips too. This will stop the skin’s healthy nutrients from escaping, maintaining a good complexion.


Even though the skin on your body isn’t exposed to the elements the same as the skin on your face, it still needs to be taken care of. Remember to exfoliate away dead skin cells once or twice a week to maintain soft skin. Follow up by applying a generous layer of body moisturiser to keep the fresh layers of skin healthy and prevent dryness, flaking and peeling.

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