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Top 5 Lunch Spots in Manchester

With a large array of eateries from bars and restaurants to cafes and sandwich shops, Manchester has a food culture not many can compete with. Here at Mankind, after careful consideration and plenty of meals, we’ve whittled down our top 5 lunch spots in Manchester. Regardless of dietary requirement or personal preference, there’s somewhere in here for everyone, guaranteed.

What Else Can You Do?

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  1. Byron

    With 3 locations in Manchester, you’re bound to come across a Byron. Inspired by classic American burger joints, Byron creates simple, delicious hamburgers. Freshly made with British beef, their burgers are cooked pink for maximum flavour. Chicken and veggie burger options are also available. If you decide to visit, we seriously recommend the ‘Freakshakes’ milkshakes, which are stacked with vanilla ice cream, brownie, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and crushed honeycomb.
  2. Moose Coffee

    Situated on York Street, Moose Coffee is the ultimate place to go for an incredible breakfast and brunch experience. Influenced by traditional American diners, they serve everything from stacked pancakes and waffles to chunky steak sandwiches and burgers. Here at Mankind, our personal favourite is the New York Moose Eggs Benedict with griddled Serrano ham. Moose also offer a range of vegetarian dishes which are a great choice if you fancy a light mid-morning pick-me-up.
  3. Australasia

    This underground restaurant located on The Avenue in Manchester is easily spotted by the glass prism entrance protruding from the pavement. Australasia is a stylish, modern Australian restaurant serving cuisine combining Pacific Rim flavours. Dishes are designed for sharing so orders are placed within the middle of the table to allow you to pick. You can either order several smaller dishes to share or opt for starters to split alongside your own individual main meal.
  4. Dough

    Located on High Street, Northern Quarter, Dough make Neapolitan style pizzas from scratch. Chefs work each day to combine, test and invent new creative pizzas to provide unique and exciting flavours. Regular, gluten-free and whole-wheat dough options are available upon request to accommodate dietary requirements. For meat lovers, we recommend the Piccante pizza, whilst the Goat’s Cheese is an excellent vegetarian choice.
  5. The Refinery

    The Refinery bar and restaurant in Spinningfields offer a seasonal menu alongside quirky cocktails and fine wines. From British classics to travel inspired dishes, each meal is cooked to perfection. Expert mixologists at the bar invent classic cocktails in house, served alongside beers from top breweries and wines from around the world so you can match the perfect drink to whatever you order. It's the best of our lunch spots in Manchester to escape the everyday.

What are your favourite lunch spots in Manchester? Let us know over on Twitter: @Mankindcouk.

Images courtesy of: @byronhamburgers, @moosecoffee, @australasia_mcr, @doughmcr and @drakeandmorgan.



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