Grooming Editor

Day 4: Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub

Behind the 4th door in the Mankind Advent Calendar is the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub. This award-winning exfoliator is designed to effortlessly remove impurities and dead skin cells to unclog pores. Smoothing the skin’s appearance, it reveals a fresh, healthy complexion and prepares it for the next step in your skincare routine.

Containing 12% glycolic acid, jojoba beads, caffeine, cucumber and peppermint oil, it cools and invigorates the skin whilst improving overall tone and texture. Stimulating the skin cells, improves your skin’s ability to absorb other products, making them more efficient.

About Alpha-H

Leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal, Alpha-H aim to bridge the gap between invasive treatments and topical solutions. Supported by scientific evidence and clinical results, the products help you to achieve healthy functioning skin with minimal effort.

Our Top Alpha-H Picks

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is an award-winning cult favourite from the brand. This night time firming and re-surfacing lotion jump starts skin metabolism for a healthier complexion. Working to tighten enlarged pores and soothe sun damage, it combats pigmentation for a clearer, lighter and more even skin tone.

The Alpha-H Vitamin B Concentrated Serum is a brightening, refining anti-ageing formula. Containing a cocktail of niacinamide, copper tripeptide, ferulic acid, chia seed and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, it effectively fights fine lines and wrinkles. This fast-absorbing serum also defends against environmental aggressors. Combatting uneven skin tone, it leaves your complexion clarified, energised and revitalised with smoother, firmer skin.

The Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask is an aromatic clay mask which draws out embedded toxins and impurities. Gentle yet effective, it doesn’t strip or dehydrate skin, yet cleanses pores from deep within. Suitable for all skin types, it contains vitamin A, lavender, white clay and zinc oxide for its antibacterial properties and ability to heal post-acne scars.