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Stocking Fillers for Boyfriends – Our Picks

When it comes to choosing presents for our partners, it can be a minefield: do they have this already? Will they use this? Aren’t I, their partner, the greatest gift they have already? The list is endless. At Mankind, we pride ourselves on our ability to overcome even the most treacherous tasks, which is why we have devised a sure-fire and fool-proof list of gifts that are guaranteed to be enjoyed until at least New Year’s Day.

What do you put in a man’s stocking?

Beard Grooming/Shaving Gifts

Beard grooming is never going to go out of style. There are so many different kinds of beards these days that it is hard to keep track: the long pirate-esque one, the short, sleek and trimmed one, the great big bushy one. All beards deserve a boost of TLC occasionally, which is why Mankind has compiled the following gift ideas below.

Perfect for people that love to take their time with their shave and make a sacred practice out of it, as the shaving brush and miniature shave cream allow you to keep things traditional. Smooth a barrier across your skin with the luxuriously soft bristles, allowing you to achieve an even and effective shield against the blade.

A close and comfortable shave in a tube, the cleansing mud also works as a purifying mask. Rich and creamy, the deeply purifying mask is enriched with Kaolin and Bentonite Clays, which work to promote optimum razor glide, minimising the risk of nicks and cuts. Ideal for people that are prone to dry skin, as an infusion of Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil drench your skin in nutrients.

Treat your partner’s beard to the love and care it deserves this Christmas with the ultimate grooming kit. Jam-packed with everything you need for the most invigorating shave experience, along with the essentials required for opulent aftercare. Tantalising components within the included Beard Lube® and Beard Oil envelop your base in hydration, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and replenished.

What are good stocking fillers?

Hairbrushes and Combs

Simple yet effective, a hairbrush or comb is a guaranteed hit that can, just like your partner, be enjoyed for years to come. Whether they are sporting something short and spiky or long, lustrous flowing locks, Mankind is confident that its range of tools include the ideal stocking stuffers.

Groom your locks while giving yourself a luxurious and intensive head massage. Soft, rubbery bristles caress your scalp as you brush, allowing you to distribute your shampoos, gels or oils more evenly and effectively. Start your day in the most positive, enlivening way with the ingenious handheld massager.

The clue is in the name, making the hairbrush perfect for people with longer, thicker and more unruly locks. Specially aligned teeth allow the brush to drift luxuriously through your hair, with the chance of pulling or tugging greatly reduced. Ideal for people that are prone to frizz, split ends or flyaways as the hairbrush works to smooth your tresses, offering an enviable gloss and gleam.

For people fond of wavy, bouncy and volumised tresses, the round brush makes blow-drying quick and easy. An innovative 40mm thermal barrel assists with promoting silky-soft, glossy tresses, along with a more groomed appearance. Part your hair with ease, while the curvaceous handle makes holding the brush convenient and comfortable.

What are good small gifts for guys?

Christmas Stocking Fillers

If the special someone in your life is less interested in combing their hair and/or beard, Mankind is here to help with a smorgasbord of luxurious present ideas. From shower gels, to exfoliators, to festive advent calendars packed with tempting surprises, there is truly something for everybody.

The ultimate bundle for the person that likes to take time with their cleansing ritual. Equipped with sumptuous formulas, tantalising fragrances and kind, caring ingredients, the kit is guaranteed to leave the lucky recipient feeling as strong as a Samurai. Achieve a squeaky-clean feeling with the hydrating foaming shower gel, while the shaving gel allows you to achieve the illusion of dewy freshness. Featuring two enticing fragrances, the collection is guaranteed to make a statement.

If the guy in your life likes to shake things up with a bold lip and a blinding highlight, give the gift of glitter and glam with the fun-loving advent calendar. Full of glimmering eyeshadows, buttery lipsticks and luscious skincare, the calendar is the treat that just keeps on giving. Let your loved one enjoy the countdown to the big day, by celebrating with a different product after each window is opened.

Warm and homely, the scented candle is guaranteed to bring festive cheer this Christmas. Enriched with enticing scents of Cinnamon and Clove, the candle is ideal for creating a cosy, tranquil atmosphere with your family. Relax with a mug of cocoa, or a mouth-watering mulled wine (depending on how bearable your in-laws have been) as the wick dances and twirls.

We expect that, after this invigorating read, you will be left with an overflowing list of present ideas for your other half. Much like a beloved family pet, a hairbrush, favoured exfoliator or effective shower gel is also forever, making it even more important to get it right when it comes to stocking fillers. The last thing you want to see is the carefully-selected scented candle or lip balm lying, abandoned and alone, on Boxing Day morning. Good luck!



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