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How To Achieve Award Winning Hairstyles for Men

Nothing ruins a stylish outfit like a messy hairstyle. Without taking proper care of your hair, it will quickly become untidy, as well as look and feel unhealthy. Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours taking care of your hair to keep it looking good. To make things easy, we’re sharing our top tips on how to achieve award-winning hairstyles for men. From product recommendations to styling advice, everything you need to know is right here.

Hairstyling Tips for Men

Use The Right Product

The styling product which you use to achieve a slicked back look will not work for a textured, voluminous look and vice versa. To make sure that you’re using the right product for the look you want, check out our hairstyle tutorial videos. A high quality wax is always a good option for long lasting hold without flaking or stiffness.

Tools Are Important

When you’re aiming to create a neat, stylish look, it’s important to use the right tools rather than just your fingers. A comb is great for creating flattened looks with shine, whereas a brush can create extreme volume when paired with a hairdryer.

Keep It Trimmed

As tempting as it may be to skip a haircut, you should get it trimmed every 6 weeks. This removes any damage and split ends, preventing your hair from looking untidy and protecting it from splitting further up the follicle.

Use A Pre-Styler

Most men are well aware of which products to use to finish a hairstyle and hold it in place, yet never pay much attention to what they do beforehand. Using a pre-styling product such as a sea salt spray or a mousse can help your hair to hold in place for longer and improve your style.

Take Care of Your Scalp

Your hair can only be at the top of its game when your scalp is healthy. Avoid dandruff and keep your scalp moisturised by using a hair masque and a scalp scrub once or twice a week. You may be surprised at the dramatic difference which it makes.

Protect From the Inside

Even though there are plenty of quality products which you can use on the outside that work, taking care of your hair from within is essential. Taking supplements will support your hair as well as your general health, making them a great investment.

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