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How To Apply A Clay Mask

Guys, it’s okay to use a face mask! We know it take a bit more time, and generally more effort, however when you skin needs that extra kick, it’s definitely worth considering. One of the masks that is most popular amongst men is the clay mask. It helps with oily skin, and feels great.

Clay masks help draw out any impurities from the skin. If you suffer from oily skin, blocked pores, or general congestion from heavy products, you should definitely give a clay mask a try. Wondering how to apply it when you have facial hair? Check out our video.

How To Apply: Clay Mask

It’s simple, right? One thing you don’t want to do is apply the mask into any of your facial hair. Quite frankly, it gets messy. Avoid the area all together and the process will be straight forward. If you’re looking for some more information on how to apply and why, keep reading.

Step 1: Apply Before You Shower

The best thing about a clay face mask, is the feeling as it dries. They get tight around the skin, and this is what helps draw out any impurities from your pores. If you apply a face mask in either the shower or the bath, the steam will prevent the product from drying. It’ll still work and you’ll still see benefits, however you wont get the drying sensation that makes the product feel like its actually working. Even though you’re using the product before the shower or bath, make sure you still apply it to cleansed skin.

Step 2: Let It Dry

The last thing you want to do is wash the product off before it’s actually had time to do the job. Make sure you read the instruction and if it says to keep the face mask on for 10 minutes, make sure you do. Some face masks even have the added benefit of exfoliation which is great if you’re looking for a 2-in-1.

Step 3: Multi-Mask

If you’ve followed the rest of the blog, we’re sure you’re going to be an expert in using a clay mask. However the clay mask isn’t for everyone, if you suffer from dry skin you might find that clay masks cause your skin to dry out. Try multi-masking and using different masks to target different areas. We’d advise using a clay mask down your t-zone, a hydrating mask across your cheeks and a firming mask across your forehead. It might seem excessive, but trust us, you’ll feel and look great afterwards.

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