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How To Use Argentum la potion infinie Anti Age Cream

Argentum Apothecary are a premium skincare brand, with a select few products that are enriched with the finest and most effective ingredients. This formula contains a patented blend of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, which work to hydrate and energise the skin.

We’ve included Argentum’s la potion infinie Anti Age Cream in the GQ Edition of The Mankind Christmas Collection, as it is a luxury product that looks incredible on your bathroom shelf. It also boasts a restorative formula that reduces the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and stress on the skin.

Did you know there’s actually a correct way to apply your face cream? Check out our tutorial here.

Step 1: Start from the driest area of your face.

For many of us, this is the centre. You want to ensure that you’re applying the majority of your product to the areas that need it the most. If that’s your forehead, start there. Also, always apply your product massaging upwards, never pull your skin down.

Step 2: Work out across your temples and forehead.

Apply the product around your cheeks, temples, then finishing on your forehead. This method helps to lift the skin, which reduces the stress that may cause wrinkles. If you need to apply more of your moisturiser, there’s no harm in doing so.

Step 3: Apply to your neck.

Many people forget to apply skincare products to their neck, however this is an area that shows the first signs of ageing. As with the rest of your face, apply in upward motions. This face cream has extra benefits here as it helps reduce stress, which is typically caused by shaving.

Final Thoughts

We know you’ll be impressed by the performance of this skincare product, so much so, you’ll be wanting to try the rest of the range. Discover more from Argentum here on Mankind.



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