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Shave Routine – A Day In The Life

We know that beards are a massive trend, however how do you feel about a clean shave? If you don’t shave correctly, it can actually cause a lot of issues including ingrown hairs and razor burn – which isn’t pleasant! In our final video to launch from the A Day In The Life series, Mat is sharing his shave routine with us. If you have missed the other videos from the series, make sure you check them out hereIf you’re looking to get a perfect shave like Mat, we’re here to help!

What Products Do We Recommend?

Whilst we’re sure you know the basic steps on how to shave, there are a couple of things we’d like to mention. Exfoliate before you shave, as it helps the hairs to stand on end, allowing you to get a closer shave. Once you’ve got the work done and finishing shaving, it’s essential to finish with an post shave balm. What this does is helps to calm and soothe the skin, ensuring you don’t get razor burn.

We’ve created a video with Mat to take you through a shaving routine, watch it here:

Now that you know how Mat does it, why not try it for yourself? Below are some of our favourite products from the video. We know that a lot of men tend to have a specific shaving cream they know and love, so we’ve left that product out. If you’re looking to switch up your shaving routine, these are what we recommend you try.

  1. It's essential to exfoliate before shaving. It helps the hairs to stand on end, ensuring you get the closest shave possible. The Face Scrub from Bulldog also helps to remove any excess impurities, so not only will it clean out your facial hair, it'll also help maintain the skin underneath. If you don't use this step already, we'd definitely recommend you give it a go.
  2. The Gillette Fusion Razor combines high performance and durability. The design of the handle allows it to sit comfortably in your hand, giving you a clean shave every time. As the razor has innovative FlexBall™ Technology and precision blades, it glides effortlessly across the skin. If you're looking for an affordable razor that does the job, you definitely need to check this out.
  3. The Neroli Post-Shave Lotion from Aesop is the perfect addition to any shave routine. After you shave, you should expect your skin to be on the sensitive side. It's a hydrating lotion that helps to quickly calm and soothe the skin, whilst helping maintain moisture. During the summer months, this is actually lightweight enough and hydrating to use in replacement of your daily moisturiser.

There you have it! If you’re looking to take your shave routine to the next level, these are the products we recommend you try.

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