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Everything you need to know about Night Creams

Skin care experts and those in the know have long been aware of the benefits of night creams. And, frankly, we can’t see why they’re not more popular. When it comes to low effort and high returns, there really is no better addition to a skin care regime.

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Operating while you sleep, night-creams aren’t limited by the need for quick uptake. This means they can deliver hydration, anti-ageing effects, and blemish-reduction which is not only more intense, but works over a longer period of time.

Whether used occasionally to pre-empt the effects of a long night, or built into a regular night-time skin care regime, once you start to use them, you’ll find them indispensable.

In simplest terms, using night-cream in place of your usual moisturiser before going to bed is all you need to do. But to make sure you get the most out of your night cream, follow these steps.

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(Optional) Step 1. Exfoliate

Providing a deeper, more thorough clean than is achieved by cleansing and toning, using an exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells and deep-lying dirt. We only suggest doing this once or twice a week unless absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely sensible to apply a nourishing night-cream shortly after doing so, which ensures the skin repairs itself most effectively.

Step 2. Use a Cleanser

Thoroughly wet your face and neck with warm water, before applying the cleanser in a lather. Spend between one and two minutes massaging into the exposed skin on your face and around it, making sure to emphasise your t-zone, as well as the easily neglected spots behind your ears and at the temples.

Step 3. Use Toner

Use of a toner is secondary to cleansing, but is a fantastic addition to your night-time skin care routine. Using toner will unclog and close up visible pores, and is particularly effective in removing the dirt that builds up after exposure to pollutants.

Step 4. Apply Night Cream

At this stage, your skin should be thoroughly cleaned, and you’ll be ready to apply your night cream. Take a dab the size of a 10p coin and apply first to the T-zone, before spreading around the ears, neck, and jawline. Allow a few minutes for it to begin to be absorbed, before going to bed. By morning, you’ll notice your skin feels tauter, softer and refreshed.

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