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Transitional Skincare For Colder Months

As we’re moving from summer to autumn, we need to prepare ourselves for the weather changes to come. We know it’s a sad time to have to ditch the lighter clothing in exchange for winter jackets, and even trading in the flipflops for a more protecting desert boot. Make sure you don’t forget about your skincare, that will also need a bit of a transition. We know this can be a scary thought, but we’ll guide you through our tips on transitional skincare

You might not think the colder weather will affect your skin, but it will! Whilst it isn’t necessary to change your whole routine, transitioning your skincare into the colder months is definitely something you should consider. By this, we mean making some small changes that will impact your routine overall. The colder months bring on harsher conditions that dry out the skin, you might notice certain areas of your face becoming inflamed and sensitive. Here are our tips on small changes you can make to your skincare routine, to keep it glowing all winter.

Layer Your Skincare Products

You don’t have to change your routine completely. The idea of layering skincare products has been around for a while and remains a firm favourite of ours. The principle is straight forward, combine products from different ranges to give you a certain effect. This is particularly important transitioning from summer to autumn, as you can just add an additional product to your routine, but keep the rest of it the same. As it gets colder, we recommend a hydrating serum as your skin tends to dry out. However use a serum suitable to your own skin type if this isn’t applicable.

Opt For Oil-Based

In the warmer months you may have switched out your skincare for lighter products, which is perfect for summer. Not so good in the cold months though! Lighter products typically tend to have less oil in, which helps manage oily skin, but can have less benefits for drier skin. As the months get colder, it may be worth swapping out your face cream for a more oil-based product. You can keep the rest of your routine the same, but by adding this extra boost of hydration at the last stage, you’ll help your skin lock in moisture and look better overall.

Reduce Exfoliation

This is a pretty straightforward tip and should ensure your exfoliator lasts through the winter. As you’ll know, exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin from your face, whilst this might seem perfect for the cold months, it can actually have a negative effect on the skin if used excessively. Through autumn and winter, your skin will be more sensitive than normal, meaning if you exfoliate often it may cause your skint become flaky and inflammed. We suggest either exfoliating less, or purchased a more gentle exfoliator that is suitable for frequent use.

These 3 tips should help you transition your skincare into the colder months. You might also want to consider upgrading your nighttime routine, to strengthen your transitional skincare routine further.



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