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Celebrating International Men’s Day

Today marks International Men’s Day which is celebrated each year on 19th November. Celebrated around the world, there’s a whole host of events held for the occasion to address issues which men are affected by daily. To get involved, we’re discussing what International Men’s Day actually is alongside why you should celebrate it.

What Is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day is an annual celebration which works to tackle men’s issues. Each year is themed and 2017 is based around celebrating men and boys, allowing them to both celebrate their achievements and get support with any issues they may face. Designed to improve lives, it tackles taboo subjects each year by highlighting their effects and what can change to help.

Why Celebrate International Men’s Day?

Raises Awareness

With a different topic discussed each year, it provides much needed awareness on men’s issues such as mental health, discrimination, abuse and more. By getting involved, it helps to spread that awareness even further, therefore helping more people.

Provides Support

As stigma is tackled for a variety of men’s problems, International Men’s Day provides support for all men. This actively supports men regardless of age, race, sexuality etc. By making this conscious effort to help, they attempt to make a difference in the lives of men and boys suffering with a variety of issues.

Encourages Equality

A large focus over the course of the day is equality amongst men in the modern day. Highlighting discrimination issues amongst areas such as education, health and family law, it helps to encourage both discussion and change for better circumstances in the future.

Celebrates Achievements

Not only does it aim to make changes to issues, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate men as they are. By promoting positive male role models who contribute to society, it helps provide a sense of achievement to men who are often under-valued.

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