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The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Prank Etiquette

Halloween is the time of year which allows you to act like a child again, plus it’s the only time it’s truly acceptable to go out dressed up in a costume without getting judged. Parties aside, Halloween pranks are a classic to get involved in, but sometimes the line gets crossed. Make sure that everyone can laugh off your prank with ease by reading our ultimate guide to Halloween prank etiquette.

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Prank Etiquette

Know Your Audience

Even though it may be tempting to jump out at someone, stick to only doing that to people you know. A stranger may have health issues in which a scare can cause damage, so avoid pranking them. Similarly, if you want to play a harmless prank on a stranger, only choose houses which have Halloween decorations out. This is a clear indicator that they celebrate Halloween and ensures you don’t disturb anyone.

Be Wary of Food Pranks

Swapping out candy apples for raw onions or using toothpaste as icing can be a great way to prank someone over Halloween. However, before you switch something out it’s important to be wary of things like allergies. This keeps your prank harmless and everyone can move on from it.

Keep It Legal

This one may be an obvious one but we had to mention it anyway. Make sure that whatever you decide to do, it’s easy and free to clean up without causing damage. Avoid throwing things at people’s property, including eggs. If you do make a mess, also be prepared to clean up after yourself afterwards rather than leaving it to your unsuspecting victim.

Have Fun

Finally, once you’ve come up with the perfect Halloween prank, make sure to have fun with it! Anyone involved should enjoy it so you can all look back and laugh about it for years to come. As long as you consider the risks involved to other people and yourself first, you should be able to pull it off hazard-free.

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