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Taking It Back To The Stone Age

Taking your workout back to the stone-age, Caveman training is the newest high intensity workout to hit the scene. Whether seeking muscle mass or looking to strengthen your game in a particular sport, you can easily adapt Caveman to help you achieve your goals. Now that you understand the importance of protein shakes and supplements, its time to find a workout to push you to the next level. Caveman training takes the best of all exercise methodologies and mixes them together to give you an adaptable, well-rounded workout suitable for your specific needs.

Caveman: What is it?

Caveman training combines traditional and modern exercises to create a high intensity workout adaptable to any goal. It’s based on skills that were needed to survive thousands of years ago, with exercises replicating similar movements to hunting and physical labour. Training tends to be simple and straightforward, with no complex theory behind the movements. The main purpose of Caveman is to push your body to its limits by combining exercises that target multiple muscle groups.

caveman or crossfit

Create and Modify Your Own Workout

You don’t have to go to a specific class to train like a Caveman; it’s so easy you can create your own workout. Simply combine various exercises into a circuit and perform either a certain amount of repetitions or give yourself a set time and push for maximum repetitions. It seems too straightforward, right? We wouldn’t like to you: it’s that straightforward!

Some of the most common Caveman exercises are:

  • Tire Flip
  • Sledgehammer Swings
  • Heavy Bag Training
  • Sprinting
  • Pulling and Pushing Cars
  • Heavy Rope Swinging
  • Mountain Climbers

Caveman vs. Crossfit

As I’m sure you can gather by the above, if you’ve ever done Crossfit, you’ve practically done Caveman! There is very little difference, however Caveman training tends to be more specific and goal-orientated, whilst Crossfit generally opt for broader routines. The movements in Caveman also tend to be more elaborate, compared to Crossfit which favours more basic and natural movements. All-in-all, they’re pretty similar. Some people believe that Caveman is  the step up from Crossfit, however that’s up for debate. If you’re interested in trying out some new workouts, make sure you check out our ‘7 Alternative Sport Ideas To Give A Go‘.

Have you tried Caveman training before? What is your favourite exercise?

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