Grooming Editor

Day 12: ARgENTUM La Lotion Infinie Body Cream

The product behind today’s door in the Mankind Advent Calendar is from premium skincare brand ARgENTUM. The ARgENTUM La Lotion Infinie Body Cream is an intense, soothing moisturiser that targets problem areas such as dry patches and cracks.

Formulated with silver hydrosol and caffeine, it melts quickly into the skin to hydrate, tighten and strengthen the skin. Creating a barrier against oxidative stress, it corrects and balances imperfections to leave skin completely replenished from head to toe.


Luxury skincare brand ARgENTUM are leaders in modern skincare, combining ground-breaking science with ingredients from natural origins. Boasting the healing powers of colloidal silver, their entire range is made to balance and protect the skin. Their high quality, effective formulations will completely rejuvenate your complexion, leaving it healthy and visibly youthful.

Our top ARgENTUM Picks

The ARgENTUM La Potion Infinie Anti-Age Cream is a restorative anti-ageing treatment which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. The blend of silver hydrosol and DNA HP instantly hydrates the skin whilst stimulating circulation for a tightening effect. Suitable for all skin types, this award-winning formula protects from oxidative stress on the skin for a re-energised, radiant complexion.

The ARgENTUM Le Savon Lune Facial Cleanser is a hydrating soap bar which restores natural balance. This soothing cleanser purifies the complexion, removing dirt, oil and impurities thoroughly without stripping away essential moisture. Formulated with the brand’s unique combination of silver hydrosol and DNA HP, it offers optimum skin protection for clean and clear skin without irritation.

The ARgENTUM L’etoile Infinie Enhancing Face Oil is a powerful elixir which nourishes the skin. This lightweight oil is an effective anti-ageing formula and it can be used either alone or paired with the La Potion Infinie cream. Balancing natural oil production, providing antioxidant properties and protecting skin elasticity, it’s hydrating qualities will enhance your appearance for a more youthful complexion.