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Why it’s Important to Discuss Men’s Mental Health

Over the past few years, society has begun talking about mental health, especially amongst men. However, due to the long standing stigma, many men are still afraid to speak out about their own issues. This is what makes it so important to discuss men’s mental health and here at Mankind; we want to encourage these conversations. One of the best ways to do this is to provide more information around the subject to rid the fear of discussing an unknown topic.

Where Do Mental Health Issues Come From?

Mental health issues can stem from a range of psychological, biological and environmental factors. Anything from recent or childhood trauma, to poor nutrition or genetics can contribute to poor mental health. For men in particular, on top of these factors, men are traditionally taught from a young age to not express vulnerability. This often causes men to ignore negative feelings and turn to substances such as alcohol to cope. In turn, this tends to deteriorate mental health even more, causing a vicious cycle.

Why Should You Discuss Men’s Mental Health?

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young men. Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding men’s mental health in society, many men feel as though they can’t speak out about their issues. They are also much less likely to seek professional support or to speak to friends and family about their emotions compared to women. By starting discussion, it will help to erase the stigma and encourage men to seek the help they’re entitled to.

How to Challenge Mental Health Stigma

On top of discussing general mental health, you can actively support companies designed to raise mental health awareness and end stigma such as CALM, MIND and Time to Change.

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