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MK Editors Picks: Barber Pro

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important steps to maintaining a youthful complexion. Without an effective routine, your skin can age prematurely, leaving it looking and feeling dull, damaged and less resilient. To combat this, you should always use an appropriate range of products daily. Alongside this, you should also use specialised treatments at least once a week such as a face mask. Barber Pro is one of our top brands for men’s face masks, continue reading to find out why.

Barber Pro: What’s Their Story?

Barber Pro is the world’s first sheet mask range for men, which offers the highest quality products with outstanding results. Scientifically formulated and dermatologically tested, this multi-award winning British brand are 100% focused on innovation. Against animal testing, you can use their men’s grooming products guilt free.

Why Should You Use Barber Pro?

Each of the male specific skincare treatments from Barber Pro are highly effective at combating common skin issues such as oiliness and ageing. With an affordable price point and easy to use products, it’s worth investing in their face masks. This will help you to achieve a healthy complexion. Below, we’ve revealed some of our top picks from the brand.

  1. Barber Pro Face Putty Black Peel-Off Mask
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    Barber Pro Face Putty Black Peel-Off Mask

    The Face Putty Black Peel-Off Mask is a rejuvenating face mask which offers a deep, thorough cleanse to purify the complexion. Extremely effective for oily, acne-prone skin types, it re-balances oily zones by drawing out impurities, detoxifying the skin. Utilising activated charcoal, it cleans deep into pores to loosen and eliminate blackheads, transforming the skin effortlessly. Simply peel away to reveal clear, bright and visibly healthy skin.

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  2. Barber Pro Under Eye Mask
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    Barber Pro Under Eye Mask

    The Under Eye Mask is a set of anti-ageing under eye patches which awakens the eye area. These hydrogel patches are rich in activated charcoal, volcanic ash and marine-based collagen, allowing them to effectively target and eliminate signs of ageing. Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, this intensive treatment revives fatigued and puffy eye contours, soothing and calming. Free from parabens, mineral oils, lanolin and petroleum, it creates an energised, youthful and nourished eye area.

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  3. Barber Pro Post-Shave Cooling Mask
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    Barber Pro Post-Shave Cooling Mask

    The Post-Shave Cooling Mask is a ready-to-use, award-winning sheet mask which calms and comforts skin post-shave. Quick and easy to apply, it sits securely on the skin, providing it with anti-ageing marine collagen, key vitamins, herbs and botanicals to nourish and hydrate. Meeting the needs of men’s skin, it reduces the appearance of redness post-shave, transforming skin tone and texture whilst restoring a youthful glow.

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Explore the rest of the Barber Pro range here.



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