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What Does Sea Salt Spray Do For Your Hair?

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Summer may be a distant memory, yet beachy, carefree and tousled tresses can be achieved all year round with the help of a Salt Spray. This must-have styling product aims to bottle the power of the ocean, creating effortlessly lived-in texture and volume to enhance any hair style. Salt Sprays leave a natural finish for an undetectable appearance, perfect for those who dislike the feeling of product in their hair. Fine hair types are provided with added grip and volume.

What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

Salt Spray imitates the appearance of the hair after a carefree day at the beach, creating tousled texture. They add texture and body to thick hair by opening the cuticle and plumping the hair strands, providing fine hair types with volume and light, flexible hold. This creates a natural finish for an undetectable appearance, perfect for those who dislike the feeling of product in their hair. Salt Sprays also enhance the styling abilities of other products such as pomades. The Murdock London Sea Salt Spray can be layered with the brand’s texture paste for added definition. Ideal for longer, looser or more relaxed hair styles, salt sprays create the look of lived-in, surfer tresses.

Is Sea Salt Bad For Your Hair?

Sea Salt absorbs the natural oils in the hair, meaning that salt can be drying when used in excess. However, most salt sprays are also formulated with hydrating ingredients to counteract this effect. Some formulations such as the Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion are great for use on drier hair types, featuring a blend of tropical oils and salt to create texture without feeling sticky or crunchy, leaving you with touchable soft waves.  Other salt sprays boast SPF properties to help protect against UV damage. The label.m Sea Salt Spray features an exclusive Enviroshield Complex which protects hair from heat damage to maintain healthy-looking hair all year round. If dry hair is of concern, be sure to incorporate a conditioner or mask into your hair care routine.

Do You Use Sea Salt Spray on Wet Or Dry Hair?

Many Sea Salt Sprays are ideal for use on damp hair, enhancing the natural texture of the hair as it dries. The versatile Balmain Hair Texturizing Salt Spray can be used on wet or dry hair, creating animated beachy waves. Use in combination with a hair dryer or diffuser for optimal volume. Other salt sprays are designed to be scrunched or ruffled through dry hair. We Are Paradoxx’s Fierce Sea Salt Spray updates any hair style with an effortless lived-in texture, paying homage to the brand’s Irish heritage with high-performance extracts like Irish Whiskey, White Nettle and Honey Locust. Thanks to the oil-absorbing properties of salt, this multi-tasking product can also be used to refresh the hair in between washes, restoring a matte finish.

Does Sea Salt Spray Make Hair Thicker?

Salt spray plumps and expands the hair fibre, giving the appearance of thicker, more voluminous hair. Fine hair types can benefit from using salt spray as a pre-styler to add texture, body and hold to support voluminous hair styles. Limp or lacklustre hair is also boosted thanks to the oil-absorbing properties of salt. The KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray is infused with Salt from the Dead Sea to promote fuller, more voluminous hair. The formula is specially designed for fine hair types, utilising an innovative shaping blend that combines Dead Sea Salt with a setting polymer to volumise, support and hold for ocean-inspired hair.

Triumph & Disaster’s Karekare Tonic Salt Spray is also designed to boost the appearance of lacklustre hair types. The New Zealand-based brand’s formula features Epsom Salts to activate curls and Sea Beet to increase volume and shine. A dose of Willow Herb targets dull, lifeless hair to create body and bounce.

Does Sea Salt Spray Lighten Your Hair?

Summertime can naturally lighten the hair thanks to increased UV exposure. Swimming in the sea can also lighten the hair, however salt sprays alone will not produce a lightening effect on the hair, meaning that they can be used by anyone with any hair colour.

Is Salt Spray The Right Product For You?

Sea salt sprays are versatile styling products that create effortlessly undone texture and body without feeling product heavy. Ideal for medium length to long styles, salt sprays will allow you to achieve a surf-inspired look, enhancing the appearance of waves while imparting a beachy matte finish.

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