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Taming Hairy Eyebrows

Sorting out overhanging hairy eyebrows isn’t that difficult when you know what to do…

Avoid The Following:

Don’t shave them. They’ll grow back with blunt ends which can make them looking even thicker, and they’ll also look daft as they grow back!

Don’t cut them off in chunks either or they’ll look like well-trimmed hedgerows. And hedges are for fields, not faces.

Instead, lock yourself in the bathroom with a good mirror and a pair of decent tweezers (invest in some good ones that really grip the hair like the Tweezerman Classic Slant Tweezer). Run the tweezers under very hot water or dip in surgical spirit to sterilise them. If you have just had a shower or bath the pores will be open and the hair will come out more easily, if not place a hot flannel over the brows for a few minutes. Always stretch the skin as you go, otherwise you may pull out more than you bargained for!

Pluck According To Your Brows

For long wiry eyebrows:

With your fingers brush the hairs downwards and any that look too long or too wiry pull out with a firm tug. Your pulling technique is important as they come out much easier if you follow the direction of growth. Pluck hairs towards your ears except in between the eyebrows, where the top ones should be plucked upwards and the bottom downwards. Yes it does hurt a bit, but you get used to it!

For very thick and wide eyebrows:

Starting to look like Bert from Sesame Street? Then it’s time to sort out those overly-thick eyebrows. To do this, carefully pluck some hairs out under the arch of the brow, but be careful not to overdo it. You aren’t aiming for a full arch, just a naturally tidy look. If any grow too far down your temples pull those out too – if they grow down too low they can make your eyes appear droopy and sad! This is also a good technique for opening up the face and giving it a more youthful look. Think of it as a brow-lift without the general anaesthetic!

For a mono-brow:

If your eyebrows meet in the middle they can give a dark, sinister appearance (think Liam Gallagher). Aim for a finger’s width gap between them and pluck out the hairs that are in the way.

Keep Up The Good Work!

After plucking apply some moisturiser like Menscience Advanced Face Lotion onto the plucked areas, as they may be a little red and tender. Regular maintenance will also help to keep you looking well groomed, and you can always tidy your brows up with the Trevor Sorbie Professional Eyebrow Trimmer. If you’re worried about the end result, try tackling them over a few weeks so that the effect is subtle and not such a shock to the system – or to your work colleagues!

Shaping and shading

Thick eyebrows aren’t necessarily bad, thick eyebrows have had something of a moment in the world of women’s fashion, which has given many a renewed appreciation of a heavy-browed man. Shaping is crucial if you’re well endowed above the eyes, however, so making use of a brow gel and taming tools such as Filorga Optim-Eyes Lashes & Brows is a must.

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