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How To Choose The Right Fragrance

Buying fragrance online is never an easy task. The scent you pick is personal to you, so how do you actually choose the right fragrance? When deciding on your next scent, there are a couple of things we think you should consider, in order to increase the chances of you being happy with your purchase.

Choosing The Scent

The easiest way of deciding on a new scent, is to think about what you enjoy about your current fragrance. Is it fresh, musky or sharp? Chances are you’ll know the kind of fragrance you like and it’s worth using this as a starting point for your next choice.

When picking a new scent, it’s worth considering what notes the fragrance has. We’re sure you’ll be familiar with the term ‘fragrance notes’, but does anyone actually know what they mean? They’re basically the different layers of the fragrance, that when combined, create a complex overall scent. Knowing how each layer of the scent works can help you make a more informed decision on your next choice.

Top Notes

When you spray a fragrance, top notes are the first thing you smell. They’ll usually form your first impressions of the fragrance, so ensuring you have top notes you like is essential. If you’re more into a sharp, citrus fragrance, you don’t want to go choosing a scent with floral top notes. Although they’re the first thing you smell, they don’t stay around for too long. Top notes tend to evaporate quickly, so they’re all about the first impressions.

Middle Notes

Once the top note dissipates, the middle notes will emerge. They form the main body of the fragrance, and help to disguise the base notes until they settle down. Along with the base notes, middle notes form the main bulk of the scent. With that in mind, middle notes tend to be a bit more mellow and easier to handle. They don’t appear immediately, and can take anything from 2 minutes to 1 hour to appear.

Base Notes

Last, but definitely not least, base notes. Once the top note evaporates, the base notes will appear along with the middle notes. They combine together to create the main theme for the fragrance. Base notes are present to bring depth to the fragrance, helping to solidify the scent. They’re also their to hold onto the lighter top notes, and boost the middle notes further. You’ll notice base notes coming through around 30 minutes after initially applying your scent.

Why Are Notes Important?

Understanding fragrance notes will help you figure out what fragrance you should buy. Check out the notes of your current fragrance, and follow a similar pattern. If you’re into a more earth scent, you’ll look for fragrances that have earthier base notes, and if you want it to have some added freshness, look for fresh top notes. It’ll get easier the more you look into it.

Deciding On A Concentration

You’ve decided on the type of scent you want, but what next? Deciding on what concentration you want will ensure you get the most out of your fragrance. Something lighter will be more suitable for day, whilst the more intense fragrances work better for special occasions. Fragrances actually come in 4 levels of intensity, and you’ll find that the highest concentrations last longer, but tend to be on the pricier side.

The levels of concentration are parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. You’ll probably be more familiar with the middle two, as they’re the ones that are easier to get your hands on. Knowing the concentration of your fragrance is important as it gives you an indication into how frequently you’ll have to apply it, and how long it takes for the notes to appear.

Make The Jump

Now that you’re clued up on fragrance notes and concentration, you’re ready to make the jump and purchase your new scent online. Here are some of our current favourites, which you should definitely try out.


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