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The Best Haircare Product Chosen by You

We recently nominated 10 of our top haircare products and asked you to vote for your favourite. A selection of our highest quality hairstyling formulations was chosen and you can find out exactly what we nominated by clicking here. After receiving all of the votes, we’re excited to announce the winner. Continue reading to discover the best haircare product chosen by you.

The Winner: Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Out of the 10 nominations, the winner of the best haircare product category is Hanz De Fuko Claymation. This clay-wax hybrid formula is designed to create ultimate hair hold which lasts all day long. It also leaves strands with a matte finish. Great at moulding the perfect style whether you want a pompadour, a quiff or something else, it helps you to portray your personality through your hair.

About Hanz De Fuko

Created in 2009 by David Alfonso and Christopher Zent, Hanz De Fuko is a creative male hairstyling brand. Adding something new to what was already available, it was made to help men embrace their individuality. High quality formulations housed in modern, sleek packaging will make your hair look great, as well as look good on your bathroom shelf. Offering several different products, each has been crafted to help achieve a particular look, ensuring that there will be one perfectly suited to you.

Our Hero Products from Hanz De Fuko

The Hanz De Fuko Scheme Cream is the brand’s very first formulation and was discontinued for a while. However, it has recently been brought back due to extremely popular demand and we can understand why. This lightweight, medium hold formula creates the right combination of shine and definition without appearing greasy. Scheme Cream also contains eucalyptus oil and green tea which tones the scalp to help combat dandruff.

Use for: A classic slicked back look on short hair or wet look on longer hair without causing heaviness.

The Hanz De Fuko Quicksand is an innovative powder hair clay with a high hold, dry-matte finish. Combining styling wax and dry shampoo, this texturising hybrid sculpts the hair whilst intensely mattifying strands for zero shine. Formulated with granular rock, otherwise known as ‘diatomaceous earth’, it creates a gritty texture and eliminates all excess oil from the hair and scalp.

Use for: Sculpting oily, slept in hair to create a completely matte textured look. Great for an edgy, tousled hairstyle.

The Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade is a lightweight pomade boasting a medium hold with optimum staying power and a high shine. Great for creating defined looks with a high shine and no greasy appearance, Modify Pomade is incredibly easy to work with. Organic and water soluble, this extract-packed formula works best when left open overnight which causes it to thicken and concentrate the product.

Use for: Smooth and defined styles such as slicked back looks with a high shine. Great for formal occasions.