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The 3 most important things to know about protecting your teeth

Dental erosion is a problem everybody experiences, and those who are extremely serious about looking after their teeth will experience some acid erosion, sensitivity and other associated problems in their lifetime.

Our Brand of the Month for April Regenerate are second to none in their expertise when it comes to protecting the teeth against erosion, with a range of enamel strengthening dental products that are proven to be highly effective. In this blog post, we share their knowledge and take you through the 3 most important things to know about protecting your teeth.

The 3 most important things to know about protecting your teeth

1. Spit don’t rinse

The number one solution to sensitive teeth is using the right kind of toothpaste. Everyone unavoidably experiences some erosion of the outer layers of their teeth, and the only way to slow or reverse this damage is enamel-strengthening toothpaste like Regenerate Enamel Science.

Not everyone is aware how best to use their enamel strengthening toothpaste, however. Rinsing after brushing minimises the Fluorine and enamel strengthening elements, meaning any efforts to protect the teeth are rendered ineffective.

Particularly when using enamel-strengthening toothpastes, it’s extremely important to spit after brushing, rather than rinsing. After a few weeks of doing this consistently, you’ll notice the difference.

2. Brushing alone is not enough

Brushing your teeth correctly is the most important thing you can do to protect them, but brushing alone is not enough. Acids, sugary liquids, and starchy foods that feed acid-producing bacteria all find their way into the cracks within and between teeth. These areas, therefore, are just as prone to acid erosion as the parts that your brush can easily reach.

Dental floss and most mouthwashes are effective at removing at removing harmful acids and debris from these hard to reach areas, but an enamel-restoring mouthwash like the Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash will actively reverse any damage they’ve encountered.

3. Enhance your dental care with supplementary treatments

Beyond your daily care, there are other things you can do to ensure your teeth are protected from acid erosion. Products like the Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum Kit allow you to deliver lasting enamel-strengthening effects in one short, intensive treatment.

Using a concentrated NR-5 serum, comprised of the same ingredients used in their Advanced Toothpaste, the treatment is delivered via a gumshield to ensure maximum absorption. After a few minutes, the outer layer of the teeth will have taken on the enamel-strengthening agents, helping to combat sensitivity and thicken the enamel.



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