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Rescue Your Skin: Hangover Skincare

Has anyone else woken up after a night out, touched your face and realised it’s super dehydrated? We certainly have. It’s commonly know that alcohol causes dehydration. As well as this bringing on a hangover headache and ‘the fear’, it also doesn’t do wonders for your skin. You may find that you don’t look your best after a night out, your skin might be drier than normal and you might be feeling a bit glum. We have a couple of tips that will help you feel human again, inside and out.

Hydration Station

This might be the most simple of all skincare advise. Drink water! Being hydrated on the inside, will show on the outside. Plus, if you’ve had a heavy night before it makes sense to lap up the H2O and get yourself feeling human as quickly as possible. You can get hydrated from many other things too, not just water. Try snacking on some watermelon, celery or strawberries. We also advise that if you have errands to run, you keep a big bottle of water with you. The annoying weight of the bottle will force you to drink all your water, just so you don’t have to carry it around. Would that classify as a #lifehack? We think so!

Scrub Away The Sin

Using an energising face scrub is sure to give you a bit of a boost on most days, never mind the morning after. Face scrubs also help to increase blood flow, which in turn will add a bit of colour back to your face. When you’re feeling a bit fragile, your skin can tend to take on a slight grey tone. Hopefully an energising face scrub will help, follow it with a cooling toner that you can use to refresh you through rest of the day.

Moisturise and Antioxidise

You’re bound to be dehydrated after a night on the tiles. Drinking water helps internally, so grab your favourite moisturiser and smother it on your face to help the outside. If you have vitamin C in your moisturiser, it will help bring a bit of colour back to your skin. After all, vitamin C is a natural skin reviver.

Leave Your Bags At The Door

We’re talking about eye bags here. Whether you’re up late working, or out until early morning at your favourite bar, we can guarantee you’ll have some unwanted baggage under your eyes. Try using an eye cream with energising or cooling properties to help smooth out those pesky under eye bags. If you’re feeling brave, you could try some subtle under eye concealer. We gave you the lowdown on our ‘Concealer For Men‘ article.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Y’know what they say, prevention is better than cure. Of course we’re not suggesting you don’t go out, that wouldn’t be very fun. What we are suggesting is that you try to put on some face cream and drink some water before you sleep. We’re assuming you’re still conscious by the time you hit the hay, otherwise we suggest you skip this step and hope for the best the following morning.


If all else fails, there’s nothing we love more than curling up on the sofa and finding a Netflix series to binge on. Do you have any tips for surviving a hangover? Tweet us and let us know @Mankindcouk.



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