Grooming Editor

Day 20: Men Rock the Double Edged Razor

Experts in the traditional shaving industry, Men Rock are behind today’s door of the Mankind Advent Calendar. The Men Rock the Double Edged Razor is inspired by traditional barber shops for a close, comfortable shave. With touch of nostalgia weaved into its timeless appearance, it looks great on any bathroom shelf too.

Engraved with a delicately etched logo, it boasts a professional finish in every sense. Paired with a shave cream, it will allow you to remove even the stubbornest hairs for a smooth finish.

About Men Rock

Inspired by traditional barbers, Men Rock offer a complete collection of shaving products, beard grooming products and accessories. Designed to help you achieve a professional finish from the comfort of your own home, each high-quality formulation and tool works effortlessly to achieve an expert finish.

Our Top Men Rock Picks

The Men Rock Sicilian Lime Shave Cream is designed for a wet shaving experience like no other. Designed to demolish tough stubble and unruly facial hair, the cream works best when paired with a traditional shaving brush. Formulated with sicilian lime and a touch of black pepper, this masculine shave cream’s scent is reminiscent of London’s traditional barber shops.

The Men Rock Shaving Brush is an affordable, effective alternative to the traditional badger hair brush. Working up a rich lather with a shaving cream, it aids a close, comfortable wet shave for smooth results. Easy to use and control, this high quality shaving brush is the perfect investment for any man who takes pride in being clean shave.

The Men Rock Beard Oil is a multi-tasking oil which works as a light cologne and a beard softener. Suitable for all skin types, it contains natural ingredients and vitamin E to both nourish beards and moisturise the skin at once. The Jazz edition is a lively, masculine scent which is subtle yet invigorating.