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The Best Health-Boosting Vitamins

It’s important to maintain good health, especially throughout autumn and winter. During the colder season, you’re more likely to become ill due to a weakened immune system. To prevent the onset of illness and to remain in good health, you can take health-boosting vitamins. We’ve put together a guide below with the best vitamins to boost health throughout winter.

Why Should You Take Vitamins?

If you suffer with a deficiency in certain vitamins, then taking supplements can replenish what’s missing to maintain a healthy balance. However, if you’re otherwise healthy you can simply take supplements to boost your immunity and further prevent sickness. Not only that, taking multivitamins can improve your energy levels and let you feel better in general.

What Are the Best Vitamins to Boost Health?

Vitamin C

Strong antioxidant vitamin C is known for strengthening the immune system. As your body doesn’t produce or store it, it’s essential that you ensure you ingest enough to prevent yourself getting sick. If you become affected by a cold or the flu, vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing further complications.

Vitamin A

Fat-soluble vitamin A is responsible for maintaining vision health and bone strength. It also supports cell growth, making it a great treatment for skin conditions such as acne. By reducing inflammation and fighting free radical damage, this multi-purpose vitamin slows down ageing. By keeping your levels consistent, you can look and feel healthy both inside and out.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is usually absorbed into the body from sun exposure, which means that throughout winter you’ll be receiving adequately less. As it helps to regulate insulin levels, supports the brain and maintains bone and teeth health, you need to take the necessary steps to replenish it.

Folic Acid

Otherwise known as vitamin B9, folic acid helps the body to process proteins, form new blood cells and create new DNA. It also plays a large role in mood regulation, working as a natural antidepressant. Folic acid can improve heart health too, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.


Iron is an essential mineral as it helps to transport oxygen throughout the body. If your iron levels are too low, it can cause you to become tired and feel lethargic, therefore affecting your brain function. In turn, your immune system’s ability to fight off infections will be compromised.


The body is not able to produce or store zinc, similar to vitamin C and a range of other nutrients. This means you must incorporate it into your diet and lifestyle. Playing a crucial role in cognitive function, fertility and your immune system, you must maintain healthy zinc levels within the body.