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Crafty Men’s Cosmetics Tips

As part of the Grooming Revolution here at Mankind this January, we want to give everyone the knowledge they need to look their best. While the attitude towards men’s cosmetics is shifting over time, we get that make up isn’t everyone’s bag. With these crafty men’s cosmetics tips, however, you can get the most out of your look while remaining carefully camouflaged.

1.Use Eyeliner Pencil to thicken out your beard

We have to say, this one took us by surprise. If you’re growing out your beard but you’re stuck in the awkward middle stages where patches and gaps look their worst, using eyeliner pencil to fill in the gaps evens out your beard while keeping a totally natural appearance.

It doesn’t just work on patches, either, there are plenty of other tricks you can try. You can add colour around your beard-line to give the impression of thicker growth over a greater area. Or, darken your beard along the jawbone to give the impression of a squarer, stronger jaw.



If you’re a total newcomer to male cosmetics, there’s a chance that concealer might seem pretty out-there. But we can’t stress this enough, more people are using it than you think. Whether you want to hide the evidence of a late night at work the day after, or want to mask an acne breakout before a big night out, taking 2 minutes to apply a small amount of concealer will do the trick.

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3.Clear Mascara

This is a niche one, but ask any woman whether they notice a man’s eyelashes. Men’s eyelashes are typically longer than women’s, and if you’re naturally well-endowed, drawing attention to them can add an extra dimension to your look. Traditional mascaras tend to be designed to darken the eyelashes, and are obviously noticed, but if you select a translucent product, it’ll easily pass undetected.


4.Translucent Cold Pressed Powder

Cold pressed powders are extremely handy to have lying around if you’re prone to oily skin. They create a matte look which absorbs light rather than reflecting it, meaning your complexion appears more even and less shiny. If you’re actively avoiding a ‘made up’ look, translucent products are available and just as effective.


5.Clear Eyebrow Gel

As a general rule, thick eyebrows are fine to have, but it’s crucial to avoid them becoming unruly. Obvious attempts to tame thick eyebrows or remove unwanted hair can detract from a masculine look. A clear eyebrow gel will keep them neat and well-shaped, without drawing too much attention.

6.Matte Highlighter

Highlighting and contouring is a world unto itself, but we’ll keep it straightforward. Sticking a bit of this under your eyebrows, round to your cheekbones, and down to your jaw can help make your features appear more angular. A tiny dab in the pits of your eyes by the bridge of your nose is a great trick to making you look fresher when you’re ill or sleep deprived.  Keep it light, and nobody will know a thing.


7.Tinted Moisturiser

Last on our list of crafty men’s cosmetics tips is tinted moisturiser. These products can help even out the surface of your skin, mask discolouration, and serves the purely practical purpose of moisturising as well. Swap out your normal moisturiser for one of these on days where your skin has flared up and your friends and colleagues will be none the wiser.

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