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Which men’s hair product you should be using: pre-stylers

As far as men’s hair products go, pre-stylers are perhaps the most criminally underused. We’re fairly convinced they’d be everywhere if only more men knew how effective they were. We’ve already given you an overview of the different types of hair products there are on the market, but in this article, we’re giving you a breakdown of the types of pre-styling products will work for you.

Volumising Powders

Best used by those with truly fine or thinning hair, volumising powders bind at the root giving the appearance of thicker strands, and allowing hair to be styled more easily. Helping to absorb light, too, these can be used in combination with a non-clumping matte product to create the appearance of thick, voluminous hair.

Due to the ability of volumising powders to bind to the roots of hair, it also contributes to creating lift, meaning that styling products and fixing products can do their job more effectively, holding your hair in place for longer throughout the day.

Thickening Sprays and Tonics

Thickening sprays are designed to perform a similar role to volumising powders, but are formulated to add a degree of hold in themselves. For this reason, they’re great not only for people with fine or thinning hair, but for those with thicker hair that’s hard to manage as well. Spraying a small amount throughout the hair, focusing on the roots, will allow you to create a degree of shape and lift with a totally natural, undetectable finish.

Thickening tonics are especially useful for those who want to create big, voluminous styles. When applied to wet hair and blow dried, your hair will appear thicker and fuller while reflecting less light, and it’ll be much easier to create any style you choose.

Sea Salt Spray

In the world of pre-stylers, sea salt sprays perform a fairly unique role. The inclusion of sea salt in their formulation is intended to recreate the effects of beach hair, adding a natural degree of shine, texture, and grit to the hair. For those with longer hair, sea salt sprays can encourage hair to become wavier, and for those with fairer hair, you’ll notice that the natural colour and granularity of the hair will be enhanced.

Similarly to thickening sprays, sea salt sprays have a small degree of hold, which aids in the styling process. It should be used on wet or dry hair before a matte wax or clay in medium length hair to achieve the best results.

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