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20 Top Travel Hacks

Going travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences. However, packing and organisation can be quite stressful if not done right. We’ve curated a list of our 20 top travel hacks to help you stick to your weight allowance and make your trip as stress-free as possible.

Travel Hacks

  1. Get Google Maps without Internet

    Download the area which you’re visiting on google maps whilst you’re connected to the internet. If you get a bit lost whilst exploring, you’ll be able to find exactly where you are and more importantly, your way back with no internet connection. You won’t even need to switch on your mobile data!

  2. Avoid Overpriced Airport Water

    Drinks aren’t allowed to be taken through security, meaning that you’ll need to purchase expensive water afterwards. Save an empty plastic water bottle and refill it after passing security at a tap or water fountain to save money and keep hydrated.

  3. Protect Your Collars

    Packing a shirt and want to keep your collars crisp? Roll up your belt and place it inside the neck of the shirt to protect your collars from becoming flattened or creased. This also saves space in your case for extra items.

  4. Prevent Leaking Bottles

    Prevent any toiletries bottles from leaking by opening up the bottle and placing cling film on top. Fasten the lid back onto the bottle and if it opens, you should be protected from spills and leakage.

  5. Keep Your Luggage Fresh

    Avoid bad smells from lingering in your clothes by placing a tumble dryer sheet into your case. This will absorb any odours and  get rid of horrible smells from your clothes, keeping them smelling fresh.

  6. Stay Charged

    Forgot to bring a wall plug for your electricals? If you have a TV in your room, there should be a USB slot located on the back so you can still charge up your phone or tablet. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery in a strange place.

  7. Roll, Don’t Fold

    When packing, by rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you’re using less space. This travel hack also makes it easier for you to pick clothes out more quickly whilst you’re getting dressed, so you don’t have to unpack everything.

  8. Keep It Light

    Whilst flying, wear the heaviest items such as hoodies, coats or boots. Not only will it keep you warm whilst sitting still surrounded by air-conditioning, it keeps your luggage lighter. This way, you won’t have to pay any excess weight charges.

  9. Protect Wires

    Use an old sunglasses case to store your headphones, charging wires etc. This will stop them from becoming tangled or broken during transit. It will also make it easier to find them, rather than rummaging through your belongings.

  10. Keep Shoes Separate

    Grab a few of the complimentary shower caps provided at hotels or invest in a few shoe bags. Keeping them covered will stop dirty, worn soles from touching your clothes. Plus, it keeps pairs together.

  11. Use Empty Space

    When packing, it can sometimes be difficult to fit everything you need into one bag. Pack your socks into shoes to save space and keep shoes in shape. A pair of smart shoes can easily become misshapen, but your socks should prevent this.

  12. Pack Spares

    Some things you take with you are absolute necessities and packing a spare could save you a lot of hassle. Bring more underwear than you need, a spare phone charger in case yours breaks and any medication you take.

  13. Bring Multi-Use Products

    Multi-use products can save a lot of packing space and use up less of your weight allowance. Take products such as the American Crew 3-in-1 which is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one.

  14. Take Lip Balm

    A change in climate combined with the harsh air conditioning of the plane causes havoc on your lips. Bring a high-quality lip balm such as Ole Henriksen Fresh Lips in your hand luggage to use whenever your lips need a moisture boost. Also, remember to pack it into a plastic bag.

  15. Pack A Spare Bag

    When you get home from your travels, you don’t want to be doing the “sniff test” on all of your clothes. Pack a tote bag or carrier bag to put any dirty clothes in and it you can just throw everything in the wash once you arrive home.

  16. Protect Breakables

    Luggage tends to get thrown around and poorly taken care of during travelling. If you can’t bear not taking your favourite fragrance, wrap it in your socks and place in the middle of your case. It should cushion any pressure and avoid breakages.

  17. Make Luggage Easier to Move

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell how long you’re going to be lugging your suitcase around for. Pack all of your heavier items at the bottom such as shoes and jackets to put all of the weight near the wheels. It will help you to pull along your luggage more easily.

  18. Take Precautions

    Sometimes, cases can get lost and you may need to prove what you had in your case. Take a photo of the contents of your case as well as the outside so in the unfortunate event of loss, your photos will speed up any paperwork and make it almost hassle free.

  19. Leave Space

    Leave space in your case for any souvenirs and gifts you may buy whilst travelling. It will make it easier to pack everything away on the return home and you shouldn’t go over your weight allowance.

  20. Stay Prepared

    Again, if your luggage gets lost it can be pretty annoying. Take enough in your hand luggage to last a few days as your case should arrive at your destination within a few days. Pack a spare pair of shoes, versatile outfit and some basics you can’t purchase there.

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