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Introducing: The Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash

Not only are Regenerate one of our favourite dental care brands, producing expertly designed enamel restoring toothpastes and dental treatments. Not only have we chosen them to be our Brand of the Month for September. But in addition to this, we’re very excited to announce that they are launching a new addition to their range on Mankind. In this post, we introduce you to the Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash.

About Regenerate

Regenerate Enamel Science are a dental care brand whose chief focus is combating enamel erosion. Each of us has one set of adult teeth, which are threatened by erosion caused by bacteria, exacerbated by sugary and starchy foods and drinks, as well as by acidic foods and drinks. When we consume these foods regularly, acidic erosion of the enamel, the protective layer which coats the sensitive core of the teeth, causes long lasting damage and pain.

When tooth enamel is stripped away, the body is incapable of restoring it by itself, which is why such a high proportion of the population suffers from ‘dentin hypersensitivity’ (commonly known as sensitive teeth). The bad news is that sensitive teeth is becoming more common, with much higher numbers of sufferers in the 18-44 age bracket than in higher age ranges, and the numbers of sufferers increasing. The good news, however, is that with products such as those created by Regenerate Enamel Science, you can actually reverse the damage to your teeth.

The Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash

The Advanced Foaming Mouthwash from Regenerate Enamel Science is an innovatively designed mouth wash, which uses foaming action to disperse evenly across the mouth, and ensure distribution even into the hard to reach areas of the teeth. As well as being freshening and protective, the mouthwash is also extremely hygienic, designed so that you’re able to pump the product directly into your mouth, reducing the risk of contamination.

What really sets the Regenerate Advanced Foaming Mouthwash apart from other products on the market, however, is the brand’s unique FOAM technology, a formula which is proven not only to slow the decay of teeth through erosion, but to help to restore the mineral of the tooth’s surface, going some way to reversing damage and sensitivity.

Any dentist will tell you that a crucial element of a proper dental care routine is a mouthwash, and frankly, we can’t think of many better options out there than the Advanced Foaming Mouthwash from Regenerate. Pick one up for yourself today.


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