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Tinted Moisturiser Routine for Men ft. Lab Series

Tinted moisturiser is the linchpin of a men’s cosmetics routine. No matter how much care you take of your skin, occasional breakouts of blemishes, patchiness, or uneven skin tone are inevitable. When this happens to you, tinted moisturiser is a straightforward, easy way to patch up the cracks in your armour. In this blog post, we take you through a simple, 3-Step tinted moisturiser routine for men, using dual-function products from our brand of the month Lab Series Skincare for Men.

Tinted Moisturiser Routine for Men

Step 1. Cleanse/Exfoliate

Before you apply your tinted moisturiser base, you need to create the ideal conditions for the skin. The Multi-Action Face Wash from Lab Series will clear away dirt and impurities with cleansing agents, while its gently exfoliating microbeads will dislodge deep lying dirt, dead skin cells, and sebum from the pores

To use, apply to your face after dampening it with warm water. Gently massage into the skin using a circular motion. Wash any residue away with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. This is the crucial first step in your tinted moisturiser routine for men.

Step 2. Toner/Serum

The next step in our Tinted Moisturiser Routine for Men is to use the Solid Water Essence. A hybrid product that combines the best elements of a toner and a serum, the Essence can be used to close the pores and balance the skin (like a toner) as well as lock in moisture and anti-ageing benefits (like a serum). This will make application of the tinted moisturiser much more straightforward, and result in an even coverage.

Step 3. Apply Tinted Moisturiser

Start with a small amount of the BB Tinted Moisturiser from Lab Series, roughly the size of a pea. Begin application between the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows, and in the centre of your cheeks. Spread this out from the centre, blending and evening as much as possible, and add small quantities where necessary. The coverage should stop around your beardline if you have facial hair, or can be applied beneath the jawline if you’re clean shaven.

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