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The House 99 Circle of Groom Episode 1: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In this guest post from Holden McIntosh from House 99, Toby and Andrew get a tidy up and we teach you how to get the look yourself using David Beckham’s own Male Grooming Brand. 

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House 99 Circle of Groom: Episode 1

Alright lads? The Grooming Series adventure is kicking off, led by the brilliant ‘Sick Barber’ Fabio Marques of Figaro’s in Lisbon (check out Fabio’s instagram). Fabio’s worked on some of the best barnets in the world, including your man David Beckham’s hair, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about men’s grooming. In each episode, he meets a couple of likely lads looking for a grooming transformation, including beard, hair, face & body. This week, Fabio works on a Berlin-bound bloke named Toby, about to make the move to Berlin, streamlining his long lengths before working on sharpening up Andrew’s pirate-esque untamed beard.

A transformative hair or beard cut is a powerful tool. Take Beck’s hair, for example, a few months growing it out to shoulder-length, chopping it into a Mohican, styling it into a sleek pompadour, threading it into cornrows – the man does love to experiment with his look, don’t he? – and it’s headlines for days.

Now, there’s all manner of reasons why you might want a new look. You might want to impress your partner, (or show the exes what they’re missing). You might be moving jobs or cities and want a fresh look for a fresh start like our Toby before his move to Berlin. P’raps you might just want to shake it up. Whatever it is, if you’re feeling bold, fill your boots – the power of a haircut to create a new man is a beautiful thing indeed.


If, like Toby, you’ve let your hair grow into the realms of the wild for a few years, you might find yourself with a long, neglected do that, like your partner, could benefit from a bit of TLC. Pre-cut, Toby’s hair length was neither here nor there, and really hid that precious mug of his behind a curtain of hair. A quick consultation with Fabio got him kitted out with a powerful, peaked Pompadour – a new spin on an old classic – and abracadabra, a new Toby was born.


The modern Pompadour has an old-school & rock ‘n’ roll influence. It lengthens the face (perfect for those with rounder mugs) and packs a serious punch.

For a directional look, ask your barber to exaggerate the haircut’s components for a strong starting point from which to style at home. This means, a fade buzz, around a #1-#1/2 clipper setting on the back and sides and serious volume on top – basically, the hair on top of the head should be long enough to lay flat when combed back against itself. For most of you, that’ll be about 4 inches.

Get the look

Step 1: Start with clean hair, of course. Now, take a blow dryer, set it to high heat and use a round brush to start at the back of the head, rolling the brush back while at the same time as pushing the hair forward and up, section by section, blow drying the brushed hair as you go.
Step 2: Keep moving up the hairline and once you’re at the front, give it some extra love and focus on creating volume. You want your hair to be pointing up at about 60-degrees.
Step 3: Then, take a nice dollop of the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade and slick back the sides of your hair.

Step 4: Finish it off with a blast of Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep that skyscraper in place.


Beard maintenance, as many of you well know, is an art form and to keep it all fresh and tidy, you want to be going to the barber every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast yours grows. As Andrew says, “Trying to keep [a big beard] stylish is actually a lot more effort than people realise.” so take Fabio’s lead on personal, ongoing maintenance to keep your face fuzz looking as sharp as it did walking out of the barber’s.


Get the look

Step 1: When it comes to shaping your beard, the Sharp Cut Shaving Stick offers a solid alternative to the old school shaving brushes you see at the barbers. The soft & creamy stick raises the facial hair at an angle to make it easier to be shaved, minimizing discomfort and allowing for super sharp application when you’re shaving the old hedge there.

Step 2: Use a few drops of the Softer Touch Beard Oil which, in a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kinda way, will help keep your beard soft which is more comfortable for you and any one else that happens to come into contact with it. Enriched with Shea oil, work a few drops through and then give it a bit of a blow dry.

Step 3: Finally, to tame the beast and keep it into place, a titch of Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm will keep any flyaway beard hairs in line and gives a natural, non-greasy texture.

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Holden McIntosh from House 99

Holden McIntosh from House 99

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