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Last Minute Male Halloween Makeup Ideas

We know it’s not always the easiest to plan a costume for Halloween. It takes a while to prepare, and can end up costing a fortune by the time you gather all your supplies. We’ve found some of our favourite Halloween makeup ideas, that require minimal makeup. You might even be able to find some of the supplies in the bag of a girl you know, so be nice and ask her for some support.

The Halloween Skeleton

last minute halloween ideas skeleton

Quite possibly the go-to look for men at Halloween. It’s easy, looks good and is a staple at any party. One thing we love about this Halloween Skeleton is the simplicity in the shading, and how it almost brings the skull to life. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Using a white face paint or white foundation, cover all of your skin.
  2. Taking a black eyeliner, or face paint, cover the eye area including above and below. Blend this out using a brush to smooth the edges.
  3. Outline the face and jaw with black face paint to emphasise the skull and create shadows.
  4. Using the black eyeliner, draw teeth across the lips and along the cheek to create an exaggerated ‘smile’.
  5. Colour in the tip of the nose, and use the black eyeliner to create small cracks in the skull.

The Halloween Joker

last minute halloween ideas joker

This Joker look puts a modern spin, on a classic look. There’s something spooky about this idea, and will mean you can dress in some simple black clothes, yet have an effective costume. It’s easy to do, and we’re sure you’ll be able to pull it off. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Apply a scar wax in two rows, leading out from the mouth. This is to create the ‘smile’. If needed, secure with liquid latex to make sure it doesn’t come off.
    2. Once the wax is dry, apply a white base all over the face.
    3. Using a black facepaint, or eyeliner, cover your eyelids up to your eyebrows. Use some clear lip gloss to add shine, and smudge the black around the eyes to make it messier.
    4. Using red paint, or lipstick, fill in the smile and make sure you go over the wax edges.
    5. Fill in the smile further using fake blood and let it drip down your face at its own will.
    6. Add white or black contacts to complete the look and make it even more effective.

The Halloween Werewolf

last minute halloween ideas werewolf

Another classic here! Do you sense a theme? The Werewolf is a great option for any men rocking a beard. Rather than shaving it, you get the chance to work with it. This can be done with most things one of your friends should have on hand, if not, it requires minimal products. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Using a foundation, bronzer or face paint, cover all of your skin in a brown/orange tone.
    2. Take a brown eyebrow pencil a brown face paint and start to draw individual strokes across the skin to create hairs.
    3. Colour in the tip of the nose using a black paint or eyeliner.
    4. Use a brown paint or eye shadow to add sallowness to the eyes.
    5. Use the same brown paint or eye shadow to add depth to your beard and hairline.

Thanks to Stephanie Swain for providing us with the amazing imagery for this post. Check out more of her work by clicking here.

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