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Introducing Lqd Skin Care

Whenever you pick up a skincare product, how sure are you that it actually works? Lqd Skin Care are a new brand that are taking the grooming world by storm. The range is effective, suitable for all skin types and does exactly what it claims.

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“Anti-Irritants, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ageing Peptides”

All You Need To Know About Lqd Skin Care

Founded by Anthony and Christopher, Lqd is a range that is backed by scientific innovation. Anthony has a background in biochemistry, which ensures that each and every formula is effective. The range is designed to look after your skin and maintain hydration levels, whilst providing the anti-ageing properties your skin needs.

Lqd is the perfect brand for a man who looks after himself and wants a range that is built on innovation and trust. We’re sure it’ll be a brand that will make a difference to your skin, especially since they utilise scientific research when selecting their ingredients. The brand is free from all known irritants, which ensures it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Once you try the range, we know you’ll be recommending it to your friends.

Lqd Skin Care Face Wash

The non-foaming properties of the Lqd Skin Care Face Wash ensures for a soothing cleanse. With an Aloe Vera based formula, excess oil and environmental aggressors are effortlessly eliminated from your skin. This cleanser is free from sulphates, parabens, colours and fragrance, which makes it suitable for even sensitive skin types.

Lqd Skin Care Face Hydrate

Designed specifically for active men, the Lqd Skin Care Face Hydrate has a non-greasy formula, whilst still maintaining the thick texture we all love from a moisturiser. It’s packed full of skin beneficial ingredients, whilst omitting all known skin irritates, ensuring the product is effective and suitable for all. Redness and irritation will also be combatted, which makes this product great to use even after you shave.

Lqd Skin Care Blemish Control

You’re preparing for an important event, and with no warning, your skin breaks out. We’ve all been there, and it’s not fun. For times like that, we’d recommend the Blemish Control from Lqd Skin Care. This product is packed full of active ingredients that help clear up blemishes in 3-5 days. Not only that, but it will also help reduce red skin, refine your skins texture, reduce pore size and remove sunspots. What more could you need?




What product are you going to try from Lqd Skin Care?



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