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Best Concealers For Men

Best Concealers For Men

When it comes to looking after yourself, makeup won’t be the first thing that springs to mind for a good portion of men. Speak of primer, foundation and concealer to many men and it sounds like a foreign language. Yet, year on year men are steadily becoming more image-conscious, as well as more open minded, meaning the stigma surrounding men and cosmetics is gradually eroding.

Whether it’s because of the rise of Instagram and video blogging, or perhaps the fact that smartphones now mean you may be at risk of being photographed at any time, it’s becoming more and more common for men to make use of cosmetics. Making your skin appear better with, for example, concealer or tinted moisturiser, all while retaining a masculine look that appears natural, is now easier than ever. You may be surprised who you know that does it too.

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At Mankind, we don’t see the problem with using every weapon in your arsenal to look and feel great. Sometimes diet, exercise, and taking good care of your skin aren’t enough to get the results you need. We all get break outs, and everyone’s overdone it the night before an early start. It’s in situations like this that concealers come to the rescue.

Our advice? Try a few products and make sure you match to your skin tone. Apply to areas affected by discolouration or blemishes to smooth them over. Or, combine with a range of other cosmetics to create the look you want. If you’re unfamiliar on the ins and outs of applying concealer, check out our beginner’s guide to concealer here.

Whether you’re totally uninitiated and looking to learn more, or whether you’re a cosmetics veteran and we’re preaching to the converted, take a look at the Mankind list of the best concealers for men.

Best Concealers For Men

  1. Menaji Camo Camoflage Stick
  2. Recipe for Men
  3. Menaji CAMO Conealer Urban Camouflage
  4. Nudestix Concealer Pencil
  5. Rio Skin Camouflage Concealer

1.Menaji Camo Camouflage stick

2.Recipe for Men Concealer

3.Menaji Ultimate Cover Up Kit

4.Nudestix Concealer Pencil

5.Rio Skin camouflage concealer


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