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What Styling Product Should I Use?

selection of hair styling products

Having great hair has never been easier! There’s a great amount of hair styling products available, ensuring you can get the best style with minimal effort. The difficulty comes when trying to decide what product you should actually use. With so many available, it’s confusing to know which one will give you the style you desire.

What styling product should I use?

The styling products available on the market might have a number of different names, which can be confusing. Thankfully, many of them fall into one of 5 categories. Regardless of your hair type, or the style you’re aiming to get, one of these products will be the right one for you.

1. Hair Clay

Hair clay is fairly new to the male grooming industry, yet a firm favourite for many men. As the name suggests, the product usually contains clay as a main ingredient. This allows you to style your hair with volume and texture, without adding any shine. The clay will absorb oil, so it’s also your best friend for that ‘bed head’ look.

Get the look: Lots of texture and volume, with a matte finish. 

2. Styling Cream

Using a styling cream is perfect for guys with curly or wavy hair. The cream tends to have little hold, and a light texture, allowing you to smooth out frizz without any added shine. Even if your hair doesn’t fall victim to frizz, styling creams could still be for you if you’re looking to refine your natural hair.

Get the look: Smooth and controlled, with no shine.

3. Pomade

Pomade’s are probably the most well-know hair product of all time. They’re used to create slicked back looks, that emulate a classic style. Due to their waxy texture, they’re great for defining styles with strong side parts, as well as creating a sleek pompadour. Pomades provide high shine and hold, without the crunchiness of a hair gel.

Get the look: Slicked back and sophisticated, with shine.

4. Hair Wax

Hair wax is very similar to pomade, however they usually have a wax base, which means they have a stronger. Using a hair wax will provide a defined look, with a natural shine. They should also be your go to if your hair is on the drier side, but you’re still looking for a messy style, as the wax will help hydrate your hair.

Get the look: Messy and textured, with natural shine.

5. Volumising Powder

Volumising powders are relatively new to the industry. They’re unique and can be used in conjunction with other products. Using a volumising powder will give you incredible lift at the root, yet leave your hair feeling like it has no product in at all. It’s more suitable for longer styles, and works great if you use a styling cream to smooth out your ends afterwards.

Get the look: High volume and texture, with a matte finish. 




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