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Grooming for the Groom: Wedding Day Grooming Essentials

Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest day of your life, and (if all goes to plan) you’ll only get one of them. Fifty years from now, it’s times such as your wedding day that you’ll be looking back on with the fondest memories, and if you scrub up well, you’ll have some fantastic pictures to remind you. Given all this, it simply makes sense to go to any lengths necessary to look your best on the big day. In this article, we cover Grooming for the Groom, and give you a rundown of the grooming essentials you’ll need for the best day of your life.

Wedding Day Grooming Essentials

Moisturising Sheet Mask

When a hydrating sheet mask is used first thing in the morning, your skin will be immediately revitalised, soothed, and moisturised for the day ahead. Dullness and dryness will be combated, while skin that’s tired from night-before-nerves will be refreshed.

Eye Gel

For such a tiny area of your body, the skin around your eyes has a huge impact on your overall appearance. Using an eye gel will moisturise this skin and combat dark circles, which in turn makes your eyes appear wider and brighter. This has the power to transform your appearance, and your eyes will thank you for it, too.

3-Step Hair Routine

We covered this is plenty of detail right here. The essence of this can be summarised as follows:


Apply a pre-styler such as a thickening tonic or sea salt spray to make your hair more pliable and more easily styled, while enhancing the natural colour and texture of your hair. If you have finer hair, using a boosting powder will add fullness to your hair.

2.Hair styling product

Try to find the style for the big day ahead of time, and make sure you have the products you need to achieve the look ready to go. Try a Matte product for a natural look, or if you want to achieve something more classic, go for a pomade.


Finally, fix your hairstyle in place with a hair spray. This will stop any lift from bleeding from the hair throughout the day, and stop your style from drooping.

Shaving set up

Traditionalists will want to go for a clean shaven look, and we can’t argue with that. In order to make sure your shave won’t result in irritation, leading to soreness and discomfort as well as visible redness, use a fresh razor, a moisturising shaving foam, and a gentle post-shaving balm.

If you are keeping some facial hair, then in this day and age, that’s totally acceptable at a wedding. Just make sure it’s neat, well groomed, and well shaped. To do this, use a beard trimmer to create shape and control neck hair. Use a beard oil on slightly longer beard hair before combing it to ensure neatness, and if necessary use a moustache wax or beard balm to add a degree of style.

Last minute saviours

No matter how much planning you put in in advance of the big day, there is always the risk of having a breakout or disaster at the last minute. In this situation, it pays to have a few tricks at your disposal.

For dark circles under the eyes: Use a concealer, matched to your skin tone, to cover up dark circles, and apply a small amount to the corners of your eyes nearest the nose to make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

For blemishes: Blemish control will quickly dry out and eliminate spots and small breakouts, while preventing redness and irritation. Concealers, too, will mask any discolouration when needed.

For excessive shine: Having some oil blotting pads on hand will allow you to dab away any sebum or sweat which builds on up on your face when required. As well as this, matte powders can help to keep shine down if you expect it to be a problem throughout the day.